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Creatures do not disappear after death[edit | edit source]

After defeating one, their body will not disappear, and will stay lying on the floor. Commonly occurs to Grass Assassins in Scarred Planet. This effect seems to triggered by defeating the enemy while it's knocked down or launched. This effect is purely visual and causes no gameplay effects.

SFX Cancel[edit | edit source]

When there're too many special effects occurring on screen, subsequent animations will not appear or appear transparent. This can be caused in the following situations:

  • Multiple TECHNICs being casted at the same time. Notable cases includes: 5 or 6 instances of Sazonde, 2 or 3 instances of Diverse.
  • Multiple large creatures appearing at once. This happens commonly to Infinity Missions.
  • Multiple rare boxes (usually at least 12) being present on the floor (either Red ones or Rainbow ones). It's possible for players to recreate this situation by dropping 13* or higher rarity items from the inventory.
  • Against the Boss Creature Dragon, the Dragon has an attack where it digs below ground and throws magma and rocks into the air. This can cause animation cancel by itself.

Many attacks seems to have its hitboxes tied to its animation. Thus, they do not function when used, if their animations do not appear. This includes:

NPCs and Fences[edit | edit source]

It's possible for an NPC to end up behind a fence either after being knocked back by an enemy, or after a teleport to player location. It's possible for them to end up behind a laser gate fence that hasn't been unlocked yet, or a completely inaccessible area.

Charging Enemies does not drop any items[edit | edit source]

Many enemies in the game, such as Bafal Bragga, has a charge attack where they charge at the player, and often will result in them clipping their head through a wall. If that enemy is killed with its head inside a wall, it will not drop any items.

Apparently, when it has its head through the wall, its dropped items will spawn outside the wall, which will then be despawned by the game, resulting in the player losing the dropped item.

Newman's Light Mirage Blast[edit | edit source]

Newman's Pirikahno & Pirika, when used, causes the user's pp consumption to become 0, and the whole party's blast damage to be increased, for 30 seconds. If multiple newmans activates Pirikahno & Pirika in succession, before the Pirikahno & Pirika durations are over (in other words, within 30 seconds of each other), the Pirikahno & Pirika effects on each newman (except the newman who activated Pirikahno & Pirika last) becomes permanent for the rest of the mission. i.e. pp consumption is permanently 0, and blast damage is permanently increased (stackable). This effect will persist across multiple blocks, and even after the player is incapacitated and revived.

It's also possible to apply this effect onto the player via Partner Characters, such as Karen Erra.

A newman with Pirikahno & Pirika effect already permanent will lose the Pirikahno & Pirika effect if they activate Pirikahno & Pirika again. Activating any other Mirage Blasts does not remove the Pirikahno & Pirika effect. Another player activating Pirikahno & Pirika will not remove the player's permanent Pirikahno & Pirika effect either.

Full Invincibility after Nanoblast[edit | edit source]

In Multi Mode, by activating a Nanoblast at the exact same time as the player restores HP from an Auto-med ability, the player will be fully invincible to all attacks after the nanoblast finishes. This effect is carried across missions, but removed if the player resets the game, or uses Nanoblast again.

Currently, it's hypothesized that it's possible to trigger this bug using any form of HP recovery. However, the player is not able to use Blast while resolving Resta, or while moving onto a HP recovery device. Using a consumable from the palette proved too slow to use a blast at the same time, and attempts to utilize Resta from Partner Characters has been unsuccessful.

Story Mode Open Mission Softlock[edit | edit source]

Usually, in between Story Missions, the player needs to clear an Open Mission they have not completed before.

If the player enters an Open Mission, but cancels it (either from the menu or from the start of Block 1) without clearing it, it's possible that the next Story Mission will not be unlocked after the player clears other Open Missions.

This issue seems to be fixed by the player clearing the Open Mission they abandoned. If that does not work, try completing other Open Missions and see if that works.

Story Mode Open Mission Requirement Skip[edit | edit source]

Usually, in between Story Missions, the player needs to clear an Open Mission that they have not completed before.

Between Episode 2 Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, as well as between Episode 2 Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, it's possible to skip that segement and progress the story by going in and out of the Mission Counter or the Costume Shop.

Non-existent Wand[edit | edit source]

Occurrs rarely in Challenge Missions, an equipped Wand is treated as if it doesn't exist: after swapping to it, the player is unable to cast from it. If the player does not have a left-hand weapon equipped, the player is able to access the pose menu by pressing Button square.png and make poses while visually holding the Wand.

Swapping to another weapon and back usually fixes it.

SEED Express Block 3 No Drops[edit | edit source]

Occurs in the Open Mission SEED Express, no enemies or containers will drop any items in Block 3.

Pit Request Counter[edit | edit source]

Pit's client requests requires the player to land the last hit on specific enemies a specific number of times.

If you land the last hit using a weapon with multiple hits (for example, Shotguns), the kill will count towards the counter multiple times: it's possible to get a progress of 12 kills by just killing 3 enemies with Shotguns.

Latency Related bugs[edit | edit source]

These bugs occur during multiplayers sessions with high latency. They do not occur for the host of a party. The higher the latency, the easier these are to proc.

Multiple Blast Uses[edit | edit source]

Right after activating a Mirage Blast, swap to a Shield-weave with a different Mirage Blast before the Mirage Blast animation appears. This will refill the Blast Gauge, which allows the player to use another Mirage Blast. This blast gauge is removed if the player accumlates blast gauge normally (i.e. taking damage or dealing damage), or if the player swaps Shield-weave. Other players are not able to see the second Mirage Blast, but can see the damage it deals.

This works with SUV Weapons as well.

Fluge Party Wipe[edit | edit source]

Right after activating a Fluge-type SUV, swap to a Shield-weave with a different SUV system before the SUV animation appears. This will cause the Fluge-type SUV to deal damage instead of healing, and will wipe out the entire party.

Empty Hand Guard[edit | edit source]

Swap weapons right after pressing Guard on a guardable weapon, will cause the player to guard using the swapped-to weapon instead. It's possible to Guard using a weapon that isn't guardable, or guard using the character's bare hands. Other players are unable to see the Guard.

Photon Arts Stage 1 Skip[edit | edit source]

After using a TECHNIC on Button triangle.png, swap to a melee weapon with Photon Arts of multiple stages attached and press Button triangle.png. With the correct timing, it's possible to use that Photon Arts's stage 2 without using its Stage 1. It's also possible to skip to Stage 3 by using a Button triangle.png TECHNIC twice beforehand. Other players are able to see these Photon Arts being used.

Weapon Switch Freeze[edit | edit source]

After attempting to swap weapon, it's possible for the weapon swap to take a long time to execute, and the player is left unable to use any of their currently equipped weapons for the duration. Their icons and buttons are greyed out and pressing them does not function. However, it's possible to Charge Shot using ranged weapons during this time.

Blast with weapons[edit | edit source]

Swap weapons, and before the weapon swap executes, use a Nanoblast or Infinity Blast. The player will go into the Blast while holding the weapons they swapped to.

For Nanoblasts, this replaces the normal attack animations with the weapons' animations. This replaces the range, speed, and hit counts of the attacks, and retains the damage nanoblast would normally have dealt, most of the time. However, ranged weapons only has melee-range, despite retaining the ranged animation. Technics sometimes deals normal damage, sometimes deals nanoblast damage. Conditions for either is currently unknown.

For Infinity Blasts, the animations of the normal infinity blast (i.e. laser beams and laser blasts) are added onto animations of the weapon they are equipped with (and the Photon Arts of those weapons, if they have any), and drastically changes the weapon's range and hitboxes. They retain the damage of the Infinity Blast.

The player is also able to Guard, if they are using a weapon that is able to Guard. If they are using two one-handed weapons, however, the player will switch hands when pressing R.

Current Observations:

Race Blast Weapon Used Observations
Beast Zavn Val Handgun (Charge Shot I) The Button square.png attacks have its normal ranged animation, but does not deal damage unless the player is within melee range of the enemy. Same occurs to the Charge Shot.

(No PA equipped)

The Button square.png have the Saber's normal attack animation, and retains the same damage as the Nanoblast does. Button triangle.png does not have any Photon Arts equipped, and attacks with Zavn Val's normal Button triangle.png wide area spin when used.


When Sazonde is used, most times it deals normal damage (around 60 per hit). However, sometimes it deals damage similar to Nanoblasts (around 600 damage per hit). Condition for either is currently unknown.
Deuman Hunter (Over End) Handgun (Charge Shot I) The Button square.png attacks shoots laser swords, which massively improves the hitbox size of the handgun Button square.png. It can also perform a Charge Shot, but effects to its Charge Shot is currently unknown.
Dagger (Shisoku-tenkai zan) Button square.png attacks gain a laser sword, which drastically increases its range. Shisoku-tenkai zan also gains a laser sword in its attack animation: effects to its hitboxes are currently unknown. After using the photon art, the player is left unable to move using the analog stick; this effect can be cancelled by evading in any direction using Button circle.png.
Wand (Sazonde, Zalure) The Button square.png and Button triangle.png attacks turn into Sazonde and Zalure respectively. Laser swords can be seen while casting, and follows the Wand's casting animation, which gives it an incredibly wide hitbox. Sazonde appears when cast but does not deal any damage.
Rod (Resta, Anti, Shifta, Deband) The Button square.png and Button triangle.png attacks turn into Resta and Anti respectively. Laser swords can be seen while casting Resta and Anti, but they do not deal any damage. Resta does not heal the player either. Despite there being Technics equipped on the R-palette, pressing R causes the player to Guard instead.
Machine Gun (Charge Shot I) When Button square.png is pressed, the player will instead wave with their right hand weapon in hand. Button triangle.png does not do anything.

Grand Festival Alterazgoug[edit | edit source]

During a multiplayer session in The Grand Festival, if the players choose to face Alterazgoug, it's very likely for all party members to experience an infinitely long loading screen.

PPSSPP bugs[edit | edit source]

Gurhal Heroes Dal Falz Final[edit | edit source]

During a multiplayer session in Gurhal Heroes, if the players choose to face Dal Falz Final, there's a significant chance that the non-host party members will be stuck in the loading screen. The players are still able to input controls and control their character, but there is no visuals beyond the black loading screen, and no audio. The black screen resolves if Dal Falz Final is defeated, or if the party leader quits the mission.

Music Loop[edit | edit source]

While using PPSSPP, it's possible for the music to start cutting out or start looping after the player is in an event window for too long (10 to 20 minutes).

Infinity Mission infinite hanging[edit | edit source]

It's possible for some Infinity Missions to be stuck in the loading screen indefinitely, while returning to Clad 6.

Weapon Upgrade Glitch[edit | edit source]

If using the PPSSPP's unthrottle function while upgrading a weapon, it's possible for the weapon to end up with an absurdly high ATK value.

English-patch only bug[edit | edit source]

Multiple Modules Bug[edit | edit source]

It's possible to equip multiple Mirage Blast module or SUV modules onto a single Shield-weave. While the STA boost is applied, only the top module is used for Blasts.

It's also possible to equip multiple Visual Modules onto a single Shield-weave. All Visual Module equipped will work. Note that modules that appears at the same location, such as Whitill Wing and Greenill Wing, can overlap with each other, and result in either a combined version of the two, or one of the two overwriting the other.

Episode 1 Chapter 4 Act 2 Black Screen[edit | edit source]

After defeating Alterazgoug at the end of Episode 1 Chapter 4 Act 2, the player will encounter an entirely black screen. That black screen replaces the normal mission clear screen and is purely visual: the player can exit the black screen by pressing Button circle.png three to four times to advance the text-boxes, similar to a normal mission clear screen; or wait until all 3 to 4 text-boxes auto-advance themselves.