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Type: Technic disc
A fire-based attack Technic. Generates fireballs around the user, singeing approaching enemies.

Foverse is a Technic photon art with fire attribute. Foverse is a staple Technic for all Types, as it makes building chains much faster and easier, especially when using melee weapons or certain Technics, such as the Gi series.

When cast, fireballs will orbit around the user, dealing damage and possibly inflicting burn on any nearby creatures. Foverse will end when it has either lasted a set duration, or dealt a certain amount of hits, whichever comes first. The amount of duration on the Technic and the maximum amount of hits it can deal depend on the level of the Technic. Recasting the Technic refreshes the duration and hit count, it does not allow more than one instance of Foverse to be active at once.

Higher levels of Foverse will also generate more fireballs, allowing the Technic to inflict damage more often.

Technic parameters[edit | edit source]

LV TEC PP Hits Locks Charge Time Special Strafe Notes
1-10 41-50% (1) 20 10 1 Very fast Burn LV1 1 fireball that lasts for 10 seconds
11-20 51-60% (1) 25 20 1 Very fast Burn LV1 2 fireballs that last for 20 seconds
21-30 61-70% (1) 30 30 1 Fast Burn LV1 3 fireballs that last for 30 seconds

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Regular missions[edit | edit source]

Boss drops[edit | edit source]

Creature Name Level Type Rarity
Yaoroz 1-250 HU RA FO VA 1/17
Dyla Bravas 1-250 HU RA FO VA 1/25

Clear boxes[edit | edit source]

Clear box drops are not affected by any drop rate modifier.
Mission Rank Type Rarity
Scrap Ghost All HU RA FO VA 1/4

Infinity missions[edit | edit source]

Boss drops[edit | edit source]

Creature Name Level Area Rarity
Yaoroz 1-250 Any 1/34
Dyla Bravas 1-250 Any 1/50

Area drops[edit | edit source]

Area Rate[?]
Beach 1/8

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

Location Base Price Unlock
Weapon Shop 3000 Initially unlocked