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Reason: Requires PA gif
Type: Technic disc
A dark-based attack Technic. Absorbs HP from enemies while the button is pressed.

Megiverse is a Technic photon art with dark attribute. Megiverse creates a large field around the user, as long as the casting button is held down. PP will be continuously drained during this, although PP regeneration is not halted. The field will damage up to 4 locks continuously, draining 10% of damage done as HP.

Technic parameters[edit | edit source]

LV TEC PP Hits Locks Charge Time Special Strafe Notes
1-10 61-70% (1) 10 4 Average Drain LV5 ×
11-20 71-80% (1) 10 4 Average Drain LV5 ×
21-30 81-90% (1) 10 4 Fast Drain LV5 ×

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Clear boxes[edit | edit source]

Clear box drops are not affected by any drop rate modifier.
Mission Rank Type Rarity
Endrum Remnants All × × FO × 1/4
Flowery Pursuit All × × FO × 1/4
The Big Push All × × FO × 1/4

Area drops[edit | edit source]

Area Rate[?]
Granigs Mountain 1/10
HIVE #3 1/10
Il Cabo Base 1/10
VR Den (IM) 1/10
VR Wilds (IM) 1/10

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

Location Base Price Unlock
Weapon Shop 4500 Clear Episode 1 or begin Chapter 4 (Episode 2)