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Reason: Requires PA gif
Light.gif Anti
Type: Technic disc
A light-based support Technic. Activates the immune system to cure status effects.

Anti is a Technic photon art with Light.gif light attribute. Anti cures the player of any negative status effects. It will cure other players at LV11+.

With the LV40 Force ability Reverser, Anti will also revive incapacitated party members.

Technic parameters[edit | edit source]

LV TEC PP Hits Locks Charge Time Special Strafe Notes
1-10 10 Very fast
11-20 10 Average
21-30 10 Fast

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Area boxes[edit | edit source]

Box drops are not affected by any drop rate modifier.
Mission Location Rank Type Rarity
The Magashi Plan Sector 7 boxes All × RA × VA 1/4

Clear boxes[edit | edit source]

Clear box drops are not affected by any drop rate modifier.
Mission Rank Type Rarity
Caves of Ice All × RA × VA 1/4
Dancing Birds All × × FO × 1/4
Lonely Laboratory All HU × × × 1/4
Military Subway All × × FO × 1/4
Sleeping Warriors All × RA × VA 1/4
The Big Push All × × FO × 1/4
The Black Nest All HU × × × 1/4
The Holy Ground All × × FO × 1/4

Area drops[edit | edit source]

Area Rate[?]
Agro Plant 1/10
Saguraki C.D. 1/10
VR Plains (IM) 1/10

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

Location Base Price Unlock
Weapon Shop 500 Initially unlocked