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Type: Technic disc
A dark-based attack Technic. While the button is held, it creates a gravity field in front of the user that infects foes.

Dammegid is a Technic photon art with dark attribute. Dambarta casts a constant stream of darkness in front of the user, as long as the casting button is held down. PP will be continuously drained during this, although PP regeneration is not halted. The angle of the Technic may also be adjusted left and right while casting.

Technic parameters[edit | edit source]

LV TEC PP Hits Locks Charge Time Special Strafe Notes
1-10 76-85% (1) 6 3 Average Infection LV3 ×
11-20 86-95% (1) 6 3 Average Infection LV3 ×
21-30 96-105% (1) 6 3 Average Infection LV3 ×

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Area drops[edit | edit source]

Area Rate[?]
Agro Plant 1/10
Moatoob RELICS Site 1/10
VR Plains (IM) 1/10

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

Location Base Price Unlock
Weapon Shop 3600 Initially unlocked