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Attributes are properties applied to all types of weapons, shield-weaves, Technics, and creatures. They assign one of seven attributes which can power up or weaken an attack, depending on the attribute of the source of the attack, and the receiver of the attack.

Summary[edit | edit source]

There are seven different types of attributes in the game:

Attribute Table
Fire Ice
Lightning Earth
Light Dark

With the exception of none, each attribute is strong when attacking the opposite attribute (e.g. a fire attack against an ice target, and vice versa), and is weak when attacking the same attribute (e.g. a light attack against a light target).

Every single weapon has an attribute applied to it which cannot be changed. For melee weapons and ranged weapons, all attacks from them will be the same as the attribute of the weapon. For Technics, the attribute of the Technic determines the attribute of the attack, with the weapon attribute only applying to the attack if it is the same.

Shield-weaves also have attributes applied to them which cannot be changed, and will change the player's defensive attribute when changed between them.

Attribute chart[edit | edit source]

  - No damage modifier
  - Increased damage
  - Reduced damage
Attack target