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A selection of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity's weapons.

Weapons are the most basic equipment in all of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. Without a weapon, a player character cannot do much good against the many creatures of Gurhal. Weapons allow the player to unleash all manner of attacks from standard strikes, skills, charge shots and technics. There are 28 different weapon categories in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, meaning there are weapons for every type of player and situation.

List of weapon types[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Hand Icon Name Hand
Sword.gif Swords Two Ranged
Rifle.gif Rifles Two
Knuckles.gif Knuckles Two Shotgun.gif Shotguns Two
Spear.gif Spears Two Longbow.gif Longbows Two
Doublesaber.gif Double Sabers Two Grenade.gif Grenade Launchers Two
Axe.gif Axes Two Lasercannon.gif Laser Cannons Two
Twinsaber.gif Twin Sabers Two Twinhandgun.gif Twin Handguns Two
Twindagger.gif Twin Daggers Two Handgun.gif Handguns Left
Twinclaw.gif Twin Claws Two Crossbow.gif Crossbows Left
Saber.gif Sabers Right Card.gif Cards Left
Dagger.gif Daggers Right Machinegun.gif Machine Guns Left
Claw.gif Claws Right Rmag.gif R-Mags Left
Whip.gif Whips Right TECHNIC
Rod.gif Rods Two
Slicer.gif Slicers Right Wand.gif Wands Right
Shield Shield.gif Shields Left Tmag.gif Tech-Mags Left

Photon Arts[edit | edit source]

Main page: Photon Arts

Photon Arts are special attacks which can be linked to weapons, allowing the player to deal damage in various ways. The different Photon Arts available depend on the weapon type, and the three classes of weapons (striking, ranged and technic) have different types of Photon Arts.

Weapon upgrading[edit | edit source]

Main page: Weapon upgrading

All weapons can be upgraded at the weapon shop, enhancing their power. Each weapon can be upgraded through meseta, and then through the use of Extend Codes to further their strength.

Weapon Controls[edit | edit source]

Strike Weapons:

The most basic weapons, focused on Melee engagements. Button square.png button is a normal attack, has 3 stages, and recovers a fixed amount of pp when used. Button triangle.png Button is Photon Arts skills, which can be comboed into from any Button square.png attack, and has 1 to 3 stages dependent on the PA level. A Perfect Attack can also be executed for 25% damage and 50% more pp recovery. There are many different striking weapons with different attacking styles, and it's recommended to bring at least 1 for easier pp recovery.

Ranged Weapons:

A basic long-range engagement weapon. Button square.png button are normal attacks, at long range, and costs PP. Photon Art Bullets are linked to Button square.png, which can change the damage, accuracy, range, and pp consumpation of the Button square.png attack. Button triangle.png can be held for Charge Shot. Each weapon has two charge shot types, which can be changed from the Weapon Shop. Full Charge Shot type ability can be equipped to increase the power of the Charge Shots.

TECHNIC Weapons:

PA TECHNICs needs to be linked to the weapon for it to attack. TECHNICs can be linked to both Button square.png and Button triangle.png, and allows attacking, healing, as well as support. TECHNICs costs pp regardless of where it is linked to.


Two-handed Weapon and Shields can guard by pressing R. (Rods can only guard if no TECHNIC is linked to R+Button square.png and R+Button triangle.png). Guarding reduces damage from the front, and makes the character unable to flinch or be knocked down. Damage is reduced by 70% while guarding in exchange for a pp cost (90% reduction when guarding with Shields). PP also does not recover while holding guard.

A Perfect Guard can be executed if guard is used right before the attack connects. When executed, damage is reduced to 0 and pp is not consumed.

Each type of weapon deals damage in different ways; read more at Damage Calculation.

Weapon Palette[edit | edit source]

Traps[edit | edit source]

Traps are items which can be equipped to the item palette, and placed onto the field by accessing them from the palette. they can not be used from the inventory, unlike all other consumables.

Each Trap does a set amount of damage, and does not add to chains.

Damage dealt by Traps is dependent on the type of Trap and player level.

A total of 3 normal traps (regardless of type) can be placed on the field at a time. They detonate after a fixed amount of time, and hit a maximum of 4 enemies.

One EX trap can be placed on the field at a time, and detonate on command via Button triangle.png. They hit a maximum of 5 enemies 10 times. Swapping back to a weapon does not cancel the trap detonation, nor will it detonate the trap if it is currently placed.

The type of traps a player can carry is based on the player's type.

Type Burn Freeze Confuse Virus Burn EX Stun EX
Hunter -- -- --
Ranger -- --
Force -- -- --
Vanguard --