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Modules, more commonly known as units, are pieces of equipment which can be linked to shield-weaves to gain their effects. Modules may only be linked to a shield-weave that has the same or higher rank. For example, a module with rank A.png may only be equipped onto shield-weaves of rank A.png or S.png.

Modules provide many different benefits, such as stat boosts, resistance to certain status effects, special visuals, or access to mirage blasts or SUV-weapons.

With the exception of blast modules, multiple modules of the same type may be linked to a shield-weave to gain the benefits of all of them.

Stat modules[edit | edit source]

Stat modules provide the player with the named stat. Equipping multiples of the same stat module will provide the benefits of all of them.

ATK modules[edit | edit source]

Rarity Name Mfr. Grade ATK
2★ Perpa/Power Grm.png C.png 5
5★ Giga/Power Grm.png B.png 10
8★ Solid/Power Grm.png A.png 15
11★ Lumirus/Power Grm.png S.png 20
14★ Feril/Power Grm.png S.png 25
16★ Infinite/Power Grm.png S.png 30

DEF modules[edit | edit source]

Rarity Name Mfr. Grade DEF
2★ Perpa/Guard Tenora.png C.png 5
5★ Giga/Guard Tenora.png B.png 10
8★ Solid/Guard Tenora.png A.png 15
11★ Lumirus/Guard Tenora.png S.png 20
14★ Feril/Guard Tenora.png S.png 25
16★ Infinite/Guard Tenora.png S.png 30

ACC modules[edit | edit source]

Rarity Name Mfr. Grade ACC
2★ Perpa/Hit Grm.png C.png 3
5★ Giga/Hit Grm.png B.png 6
8★ Solid/Hit Grm.png A.png 9
11★ Lumirus/Hit Grm.png S.png 12
14★ Feril/Hit Grm.png S.png 15
16★ Infinite/Hit Grm.png S.png 18

EVA modules[edit | edit source]

Rarity Name Mfr. Grade EVA
2★ Perpa/Legs Tenora.png C.png 3
5★ Giga/Legs Tenora.png B.png 6
8★ Solid/Legs Tenora.png A.png 9
11★ Lumirus/Legs Tenora.png S.png 12
14★ Feril/Legs Tenora.png S.png 15
16★ Infinite/Legs Tenora.png S.png 18

TEC modules[edit | edit source]

Rarity Name Mfr. Grade TEC
2★ Hel/Force Yohmei.png C.png 5
5★ Gi/Force Yohmei.png B.png 10
8★ Sori/Force Yohmei.png A.png 15
11★ Lumira/Force Yohmei.png S.png 20
14★ Feri/Force Yohmei.png S.png 25
16★ Infinite/Force Yohmei.png S.png 30

MND modules[edit | edit source]

Rarity Name Mfr. Grade MND
2★ Hel/Mind Yohmei.png C.png 5
5★ Gi/Mind Yohmei.png B.png 10
8★ Sori/Mind Yohmei.png A.png 15
11★ Lumira/Mind Yohmei.png S.png 20
14★ Feri/Mind Yohmei.png S.png 25
16★ Infinite/Mind Yohmei.png S.png 30

STA modules[edit | edit source]

Rarity Name Mfr. Grade STA
2★ Perpa/Stamina Tenora.png C.png 3
5★ Giga/Stamina Tenora.png B.png 4
8★ Solid/Stamina Tenora.png A.png 5
11★ Lumirus/Stamina Tenora.png S.png 6
14★ Feril/Stamina Tenora.png S.png 7

Attribute resist modules[edit | edit source]

Rarity Name Mfr. Grade Resist
2★ Perpa/Rainbow Tenora.png C.png 1%
5★ Giga/Rainbow Tenora.png B.png 2%
8★ Solid/Rainbow Tenora.png A.png 3%
11★ Lumirus/Rainbow Tenora.png S.png 4%
14★ Lumirus/Rainbow Tenora.png S.png 5%

Resist modules[edit | edit source]

Resist modules provide complete immunity to a status effect. Multiple different resist modules may be equipped at once, providing the effects of all of them. Equipping multiple of the same resist module provides no extra benefit, with the exception of Anti Up.

Rarity Name Mfr. Grade DEF EVA Immunity
8★ Burn Resist Tenora.png A.png 0 0 Burn.png Burn
Ice Resist Tenora.png A.png 0 0 Freeze.png Freeze
Shock Resist Tenora.png A.png 0 0 Shock.gif Shock
Confuse Resist Tenora.png A.png 0 0 Confuse.png Confuse
Stun Resist Tenora.png A.png 0 0 Stun.png Stun
Sleep Resist Tenora.png A.png 0 0 Sleep.png Sleep
Poison Resist Tenora.png A.png 0 0 Poison.gif Poison
Virus Resist Tenora.png A.png 0 0 Infection.png Infection
Anti Up Tenora.png A.png 50 50 Shifta.gifDeband.gif ↑ATK,TEC & ↑DEF,EVA,MND
Anti Down Tenora.png A.png 0 0 Jellen.gifZalure.gif ↓ATK,TEC & ↓DEF,EVA,MND

Blast modules[edit | edit source]

Blast modules allow humans, newmans and casts to equip their blasts and use them. With a blast module equipped, the aforementioned races are unable to utilise their blasts.

Only one blast module may be equipped per shield-weave.

Mirage blasts[edit | edit source]

See also: Mirage blasts

Mirage blasts may only be equipped by humans and newmans. The Light.gif blasts may only be equipped by newmans, and the Dark.gif blasts may only be equipped by humans.

Rarity Name Mfr. Grade STA Blast
4★ Flaming Roar Yohmei.png B.png 1 Fire.gif Nui
Snow Gust Yohmei.png B.png 1 Ice.gif Konl
Thunder Flash Yohmei.png B.png 1 Lightning.gif Canna
Clod Impact Yohmei.png B.png 1 Ground.gif Toitoi
Light Haven Yohmei.png B.png 1 Light.gif Pilika
Dark Embrace Yohmei.png B.png 1 Dark.gif Kun'ne
8★ Fiery Roar Yohmei.png A.png 2 Fire.gif Nui
Ice Gust Yohmei.png A.png 2 Ice.gif Konl
Lightning Flash Yohmei.png A.png 2 Lightning.gif Canna
Levee Impact Yohmei.png A.png 2 Ground.gif Toitoi
Brilliant Haven Yohmei.png A.png 2 Light.gif Pilika
Night Embrace Yohmei.png A.png 2 Dark.gif Kun'ne
12★ Inferno Roar Yohmei.png S.png 3 Fire.gif Nui
Ice-Blade Gust Yohmei.png S.png 3 Ice.gif Konl
Storm Flash Yohmei.png S.png 3 Lightning.gif Canna
Landslide Impact Yohmei.png S.png 3 Ground.gif Toitoi
Mighty Haven Yohmei.png S.png 3 Light.gif Pilika
Diabolic Embrace Yohmei.png S.png 3 Dark.gif Kun'ne

SUV-weapons[edit | edit source]

See also: SUV-weapons

SUV-weapons may only be equipped by casts.

Rarity Name Mfr. Grade STA Blast
4★ Hegel Buster Grm.png B.png 1 Hegel series
Rafal Buster Grm.png B.png 1 Rafal series
Blitz Buster Grm.png B.png 1 Blitz series
Grom Buster Grm.png B.png 1 Grom series
Meteor Buster Grm.png B.png 1 Meteor series
Sturm Buster Grm.png B.png 1 Sturm series
Vivienne Fluge Grm.png B.png 5 Fluge series
Gigas Espada Grm.png B.png 1 Espada series
Paradi Cataract Grm.png B.png 1 Cataract series
Gigas Faust Grm.png B.png 1 Faust series
Wise Faust Grm.png B.png 1 Prototype Faust series
Vivienne Punisher Grm.png B.png 1 Punisher series
Big Impact Grm.png B.png 1 Impact series
Flame Panzer Grm.png B.png 1 Panzer series
Air Ride Cluster Grm.png B.png 1 Cluster series
6★ Seraphim Fluge Grm.png B.png 2 Support Fluge series
8★ Hegel Attacker Grm.png A.png 2 Hegel series
Rafal Attacker Grm.png A.png 2 Rafal series
Blitz Attacker Grm.png A.png 2 Blitz series
Grom Attacker Grm.png A.png 2 Grom series
Meteor Attacker Grm.png A.png 2 Meteor series
Sturm Attacker Grm.png A.png 2 Sturm series
Lapia Fluge Grm.png A.png 10 Fluge series
Ares Espada Grm.png A.png 2 Espada series
Thrones Cataract Grm.png A.png 2 Cataract series
Ares Faust Grm.png A.png 2 Faust series
Apollo Faust Grm.png A.png 2 Prototype Faust series
Ascension Gift Grm.png A.png 2 Ascension Gift
Innocent Punisher Grm.png A.png 2 Punisher series
Death Impact Grm.png A.png 2 Impact series
Burn Panzer Grm.png A.png 2 Panzer series
Sacred Cluster Grm.png A.png 2 Cluster series
12★ Hegel Burst Grm.png S.png 3 Hegel series
Rafal Burst Grm.png S.png 3 Rafal series
Blitz Burst Grm.png S.png 3 Blitz series
Grom Burst Grm.png S.png 3 Grom series
Meteor Burst Grm.png S.png 3 Meteor series
Sturm Burst Grm.png S.png 3 Sturm series
Exusia Fluge Grm.png S.png 3 Support Fluge series
Exusia Espada Grm.png S.png 3 Espada series
Eternal Cataract Grm.png S.png 3 Cataract series
Exusia Faust Grm.png S.png 3 Faust series
Kelbim Faust Grm.png S.png 3 Prototype Faust series
Eternal Punisher Grm.png S.png 3 Punisher series
Burst Impact Grm.png S.png 3 Impact series
Inferno Panzer Grm.png S.png 3 Panzer series
Starlight Cluster Grm.png S.png 3 Cluster series