Inferno Roar

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Inferno Roar
Type: Module
Power: 1050-1100%
Hits: 5
Attribute: 50%
Special: Burn LV5
A mirage blast that uses the technology of the Ancients to summon the mystical fire beast Nui.

Inferno Roar is a 12★ mirage blast module than grants the user access to the version of Nui.

Nui is a fire attribute creature that launches a short-range attack for 5 hits in front of the user for high damage. Nui will break chains and benefit from their damage bonus, while also having the chance to inflict burn on any creature it hits.

While Nui is extremely strong, Nui is usually passed up in favor of Konl, as Konl does more damage, has more range and is easier to hit things with. However, Nui will do significantly more damage than Konl on creatures weak to .

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Clear boxes[edit | edit source]

Clear box drops are not affected by any drop rate modifier.
Mission Rank Type Rarity
Gemaga - Tower Turmoil LV100-LV180 HU RA FO VA 1/34
Lightning Beasts HU RA FO VA 1/34
Scarred Planet HU RA FO VA 1/34
The Big Push HU RA FO VA 1/34
Undersea Ruins HU RA FO VA 1/34