Gemaga - Tower Turmoil

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Gemaga - Tower Turmoil
ゲーマガ 天守閣の乱!
Defeat all foes!
Planet: Clad 6
Type: Tactical Mission
Area(s): Castle Ruins
Party: 1-4
Goal: Defeat the Vol Brothers
or Shizuru
Unlock: Clear Episode 1
Required LV
Creature LV
Story Multi
Subspace activity has been detected in a base of the secretive Gemaga. Our members who went to investigate have gone missing. Find them and take out the pesky Rogues present.

Client: Ursula Laurent

Gemaga - Tower Turmoil, commonly shortened to Gemaga, is a special tactical mission that pays homage to side-scrolling beat-'em-up games such as Streets of Rage. During the mission, the camera will be fixed at a side angle to simulate the side scrolling aspect of beat-'em-up games. Because of this camera angle change, blasts cannot be used during the mission.

Gemaga - Tower Turmoil was initially provided as downloadable content in Phantasy Star Portable 2, but is on the game disc and unlocked after clearing episode 1 in story mode in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.

Gemaga features 2 short sectors with varying creatures and gimmicks, along with two different boss routes, the first with the Vol Brothers, and the second with Shizuru being accessible after the player has successfully cleared the mission at least once. After defeating the boss, the player will be tasked with destroying the Vol Brothers' cargo which can reward various different items.

Creature levels in the mission are based on the player's starting character level, always being 10 above the player's starting character level if within the level ranges for the mission. If the player's character level is under 40, the creatures will be level 50, and if the player's character level is above 171, the creatures will be level 180.

Gemaga lottery[edit | edit source]

In the starting area before the mission, the player can speak to Vasque to attempt the Gemaga lottery, to attempt to win various different items. The lottery costs 2 Gemaga Tickets per roll, which are obtained on each successful rank clear of the mission.

Two free inventory slots are required to roll the Gemaga lottery. There are 5 weapon rewards which will reward a corresponding room decoration if won. Any weapon obtained will have any attribute ranging from 1-60%.

Double rewards
Type Weapon Name Room Decoration
Setsuko's Skillet Light Festival Décor
Setsuko's Skillet Set Cursed Pumpkin
Rygutass Storm Okiku Doll
Crea Doubles Wood Tile
Dream Fisher NiGHTS
Type Weapon Name
Double Sabic
Sweet Deathic
Room decorations
Room Decoration
Okiku Well
Paper Lantern

Creature data[edit | edit source]

Values in parentheses () refer to a creature's count on a mission's rare variation, if it has a different value to regular variations.
Creature Name Attributes Creature LV Resistances Sectors Amount
Dilnazen 50-180 - 2 4
Guardians Rosta 50-180 - 2 8
Little Wing Rosk 50-180 - 1 7
Little Wing Rosta 50-180 - 2 14
Rogue - Mazz 50-180 - 1 5
Rogue - Wikko 50-180 - 1 2
Rare creatures
Guardians Rosk 50-180 - ?
SEED-Argine 50-180 2
Boss creatures
Do Vol 50-180 - Final 1
Hiru Vol 50-180 - Final 1
No Vol 50-180 - Final 1
Shizuru 50-180 - Final 1

Clear data[edit | edit source]

Rank Requirement Type Points Meseta
Clear under 20 minutes 136 7560
Clear under ? minutes 68 5040
Clear under ? minutes 34 2520
Clear above ? minutes 0 0

Item rewards[edit | edit source]

Creature LV: All
Item Rank Qty. Rate
Gemaga Ticket 1 Always

Shizuru route[edit | edit source]

Creature LV: 180
Item Rank Qty. Rate
Photon Booster 1 1/8
Rengokuto Guren 1 1/40
Tsumikiri-Omote 1 1/80
Tsumikiri-Hyori 1 1/80
Creature LV: 150-179
Item Rank Qty. Rate
Photon Booster 1 1/10
Rengokuto Ensa 1 1/20
Rengokuto Guren 1 1/134
Tsumikiri-Omote 1 1/134
Tsumikiri-Hyori 1 1/134
Creature LV: 100-149
Item Rank Qty. Rate
Photon Booster 1 1/13
Rengokuto Ensa 1 1/20
Rengokuto Guren 1 1/200
Tsumikiri-Omote 1 1/200
Tsumikiri-Hyori 1 1/200
Creature LV: 50-99
Item Rank Qty. Rate
Rengokuto Ensa 1 1/10
Photon Booster 1 1/17

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the Only Mission outside of Infinity Missions, where the Vol Brothers appear.