Crimson Warrior

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Crimson Warrior
Planet: Clad 6
Type: Tactical mission
Area(s): Il Cabo Base
Party: 1-4
Goal: Defeat Renvolt Magashi
or Magas Maggahna
Unlock: Clear Chapter 8 - Act 2
(Episode 1)
Required LV
Creature LV
Story Multi
According to Lou, subspace has caused an Illuminus facility to appear in the Moatoob desert. Meet with her and investigate.

Crimson Warrior is a side story tactical mission unlocked after clearing the Chapter 8 - Act 2 story mission in episode 1. The mission is an investigation into an impossibly built Illuminus base which has appeared suddenly in the West Kugu Desert due to the various effects of subspace. The player investigates with Emilia, Lumia, and Lou to discover what is going on.

The mission explores what has happened to Renvolt Magashi following the events of Phantasy Star Universe Episode 3: Hope and Despair, and the following events after Lumia saves him from his fate.

Clear rank in this mission is determined by the amount of data consoles accessed across the mission, with S-rank being obtained by accessing all three consoles. Each console is guarded by Special Ops - Kanohne, and players must avoid walking into their line of sight to avoid detection, which can be seen on the mini map. Being detected by a creature will cause the alarms to sound, which will shut down the nearby console, making it inaccessible for the rest of the mission.

To earn the true ending of the mission, it is necessary to access all three consoles, which will have the Magas Maggahna boss fight occur after defeating the Renvolt Magashi clones, along with some extra cutscenes and Magashi's partner card.

Data consoles[edit | edit source]

There are 3 data consoles present in the mission, which contain information regarding the Illuminus and the creation of Renvolt Magashi. They are guarded by Special Ops - Kanohne and various traps, and detection from them will cause the nearby data console to shut off for the remainder of the mission, making S-Rank unobtainable. Alarms will also sound, and extra creatures will also ambush the party.

Each Kanohne will have a line of sight shown on the mini map which moves around as the creature does, and players must avoid entering this area to avoid detection. The second console will introduce various moving lasers, which must also be avoided, and the third console allows the player to turn off the lights, which stops the wandering Kanohnes from being able to detect the player even at point-blank range.

Accessing all 3 data consoles is necessary to S-rank clear the quest, and obtain the true ending of the mission which rewards the player with Magashi's partner card.

Creature data[edit | edit source]

Values in parentheses () refer to a creature's count on a mission's rare variation, if it has a different value to regular variations.
Creature Name Attributes Creature LV Resistances Sectors Amount
AMF Heavy Infantry 40-80 - -
Bead Groode 40-80 - -
Gohma Dilla 40-80 -
Gohma Methna 40-80 -
Renvolt Magashi 40-80 - -
Special Ops - Kanohne 30 - -
Special Ops - Solda 40-80 - -
Special Ops - Vobis 40-80 - -
Boss creatures
Magas Maggahna 43-83 - Final

Clear data[edit | edit source]

Rank Requirement Type Points Meseta
3 data consoles 72 5400
2 data consoles 36 3600
1 data console 18 1800
0 data consoles 0 0

Item rewards[edit | edit source]

Creature LV: 40-83
Item Rank Qty. Rate
Creasword[1] 1 1/5
Twin Crea Saber[1] 1 1/5
Twin Crea Dagger[1] 1 1/5
Crea Saber[1] 1 1/5
Crea Dagger[1] 1 1/5
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 One weapon is guaranteed between the 5 weapons.

First-time clear[edit | edit source]