Rogue - Mazz

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Rogue - Mazz
Rogue - Mazz.png
A male beast from the Rogues. With his large body, he can freely swing his giant axe.

Rogue - Mazz is a regular creature.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Regular missions[edit | edit source]

Values in parentheses () refer to a creature's count on a mission's rare variation, if it has a different value to regular variations.
Mission Name Mission Type Planet Cdiff.png Bdiff.png Adiff.png Sdiff.png Idiff.png Attribute Amount
Train Rescue Open mission Parum 21 65 115 165 195 Fire.gif
Stolen Weapon Open mission Moatoob 2 30 75 125 200 Fire.gif
Gemaga - Tower Turmoil Tactical mission Clad 6 50-180 Fire.gif