Aura of power

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This page is about the strengthening aura on creatures. For the aura modules, see Boost Aura I, II, and III.

An aura of power, commonly known as a boost aura, is a random modifier that grants creatures increased stats and resistances, in exchange for increased experience, drop rate, and extra attribute value on any rare weapon drops. Apart from story missions and a few other missions, auras of power can be applied to any regular creature, including those that feature at the end of an open mission as the target.

Yellow auras have an appearance rate of 5.1%, red auras have an appearance rate of 1.074%, and white auras have an appearance rate of 0.1%.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

There are three different levels of auras, each increasing the creature's power more than the previous level, but giving a larger boost to experience, drop rate and attribute value bonus to compensate.

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

The three different auras boost the creature's stats per the below table. Creatures with red or white auras also resist various forms of flinching:

  • Red aura: Resists blowback, launch, and knockdown. Can still be flinched.
  • White aura: Resists all forms of flinch, blowback, launch, and knockdown.
Aura color Stat increase Bonus reward
HP ATK DEF ACC EVA TEC MND STA LCK Speed[1] EXP Drop Attribute Meseta
Yellow 2.50× 1.20× 1.00× 1.00× 1.00× 1.20× 1.00× 1.30× 3.00× 1.00× 2.50× +100% +5% 10×
Red 2.50× 1.20× 1.10× 1.01× 0.99× 1.20× 1.10× 1.30× 3.00× 1.05× 2.80× +400% +15% 20×
White 3.00× 1.30× 1.00× 1.10× 0.90× 1.30× 1.00× 1.50× 3.50× 1.10× 3.00× +1900% +25% 100×
  1. This refers to a creature's movement and attack speed