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This page outlines how to achieve all the endings and their rewards.
Story missions, as seen at the mission counter in episode 2
Missions that advance the main story. The enemies you face will grow stronger in accordance with your level.

Story missions are the main story of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. As the name implies, they may only be played in story mode, and partner characters cannot be taken with the player, as story missions require the participation of specific partner characters, who will automatically be added to the party. There are different story missions available, depending on if the player enters episode 1, or episode 2.

Initially, the player will only have access to the current story mission, and must clear them in order. It is possible a story mission is not available, and in this case, the player must follow the instructions in the story progress tab in the main menu, which may range from meeting a certain character on Clad 6, or clearing an open mission.

After clearing all story missions for an episode, story missions may be replayed in any order at any time, with the exception of Chapter 10 - Act 2, and Chapter 10 - Act 3 in episode 1, which must be cleared from Chapter 10 - Act 1.

Story missions are an important aspect of the game, as clearing story missions is required to unlock other content, such as open missions, tactical missions, clothes/parts, stock in the Battle Shop, among other things. Therefore, it is recommended that players look to clear all story missions as soon as possible.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Story missions are unique in that creatures in the missions will scale to the player's level, to a limit. This means that playing other missions to level up will not necessarily give the player an advantage in clearing the story, unless the player outlevels the maximum creature level for the mission.

Upon completing an act, the player will be given a choice to return to Clad 6, or proceed to the next act if available. If the player chooses to continue to the next act, their player status will remain the same as at the end of act 1, including HP, blast gauge, and current NPC behaviour. They will also keep any effects accumulated on their weapon if applicable, such as Rengokuto Ensa's extra ATK from defeating creatures.

If a player is incapacitated at the final room of a story mission, on any subsequent attempts of the mission, they may choose to restart from the final room instead of replaying the entire mission again. However, clearing a mission using this method will automatically drop the mission evaluation to C rank.

Cutscenes and dialogue[edit | edit source]

During every story mission, various cutscenes will play to progress the story of the game, and flesh out the characters of the story. These cutscenes can be skipped by holding start, which will advance the player to the next controllable segment: Either a dialogue option, or the end of the cutscene.

A chat log can also be opened with if needed, and if the player wishes to view the character portraits or background art in full, will remove the speech box temporarily.

Dialogue options will also be presented to the player from time to time, which will cause the character that the player is speaking to to respond differently. However, this is not change any major aspects of the story, although friendship level points towards Emilia and Nagisa will be lost or gained depending on the dialogue chosen, affecting the ending that the player will receive.

Story clear[edit | edit source]

Completion of all story missions in an episode will flag the character as having completed the episode, with the mark "Episode X Clear" being added to the savedata screen. If both episode's story missions have been cleared on a character, this will be replaced with an "All Clear".

Completing all the story missions will unlock various extra content that cannot be unlocked elsewhere, and reward the player with certain other rewards depending on the ending that they receive, which is influenced by options and performance during the story missions.

Endings[edit | edit source]

See also: Endings guide

Depending on a variety of factors, the player will view a specific ending after the last story mission of an episode.

Each episode has a total of 3 different endings, rewarding the player with different items and titles, with the best endings rewarding the player with unique content not available elsewhere. Episode 1 has a normal ending, good ending, and best ending, while episode 2 has a bad ending, normal ending, and best ending.

All endings can be achieved on the same character, as replaying the story missions after the first clear will allow the player to fulfill the criteria to earn the other endings.

Ending rewards[edit | edit source]

Note that the below only lists rewards that are unique to each ending, and not general story clear rewards.
Episode 1[edit | edit source]
Ending Title Partner card Movie Room decoration
Normal Hero of the Hour
Darkness Wing (Module)
Good Hero of the Day
Whitill Wing (Module)
Best Hero of the People
Crimson Wing (Module)
Shizuru Shu Hope for the Future Tethis
Episode 2[edit | edit source]
Ending Title Movie Mission
Bad End of the Nightmare
Steel Hearts III (Sword 10%)
Good Lived to Serve
Purplenum Wing (Module)
Best Overturning Fate
Wynarl Portrait (Room decoration)
Time of Parting Beyond Space and Time
(Side story)

Hard mode[edit | edit source]

After clearing all story missions for an episode, hard mode will be unlocked for story missions, which are a replay of the story missions but with much higher level creatures. Character level 50 or higher is required to tackle hard mode.

Hard mode missions have stricter criteria for S-Rank, different mission clear rewards, and unique rewards for clearing hard mode. Clearing hard mode requires clearing all story missions of an episode, not just the final story missions.

Hard mode clear rewards[edit | edit source]

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Episode 2[edit | edit source]

  • Outfits and parts based on the Phantasy Star Zero story characters are available from the clothes shop.
  • Music disc 50 is available at the interior designs shop.

List of story missions[edit | edit source]

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Mission Name Attribute Creature LV
Normal Hard
Chapter 1 - Act 1 1-3 53-73
Chapter 2 - Act 1 1-20 55-75
Chapter 2 - Act 2 1-21 58-78
Chapter 3 - Act 1 5-25 60-80
Chapter 3 - Act 2 6-26 63-83
Chapter 4 - Act 1 10-30 65-85
Chapter 4 - Act 2 11-31 70-90
Chapter 5 - Act 1 15-35 75-95
Chapter 5 - Act 2 16-36 80-100
Chapter 6 - Act 1 10-40 85-105
Chapter 6 - Act 2 11-41 90-110
Chapter 7 - Act 1 25-45 95-115
Chapter 7 - Act 2 26-46 100-120
Chapter 8 - Act 1 31-51 105-125
Chapter 8 - Act 2 32-52 110-130
Chapter 9 - Act 1 37-57 115-135
Chapter 9 - Act 2 38-58 120-140
Chapter 10 - Act 1 43-63 125-145
Chapter 10 - Act 2 43-63 130-150
Chapter 10 - Act 3 44-64 135-150

Episode 2[edit | edit source]

Mission Name Attribute Creature LV
Normal Hard
Prologue 4-53 85-135
Chapter 1 - Act 1 2-52 85-135
Chapter 2 - Act 1 8-58 90-140
Chapter 2 - Act 2 10-63 95-150
Chapter 3 - Act 1 14-67 100-155
Chapter 3 - Act 2 16-69 110-165
Chapter 4 - Act 1 20-73 120-175
Chapter 4 - Act 2 27-77 130-180
Chapter 5 - Act 1 25-78 130-185
Chapter 5 - Act 2 30-80 140-190
Chapter 5 - Act 3 38-88 155-205

Side stories[edit | edit source]

A special set of tactical missions, called side stories, become available after the completion of certain story missions. They can be found on Clad 6 under tactical missions.

These missions are not required to advance the story, but give rewards that cannot be earned anywhere else, such as extra partner characters or open missions.

Mission Name Attributes Required LV Party Min. Creature LV NPCs Unlock Notes
Regular Rare
Wayfarer in White 1 1-4 25-50 None Clear Chapter 5 (Episode 1) Episode 1 side story
Crimson Warrior 1 1-4 40-83 None Clear Chapter 8 (Episode 1) Episode 1 side story
Heroes' Ronde 1 1-4 50-105 None Clear Episode 1 Episode 1 side story
Hal's Action Shot 1 1-4 40-90 None Clear Episode 2 Episode 2 side story
Beyond Space and Time 1 1-4 70-99 None Clear Episode 2 with best ending Episode 2 side story