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The mission counter.

Missions are the various assignments that players can go on to earn experience and items. There are many different types of missions, each having differing objectives and requirements, and reward the player with different rewards accordingly. Each mission is split up into various difficulty ranks, meaning every mission gets increasingly harder, with appropriately better rewards.

Missions can be accessed at the mission counter on Clad 6, which is found on the player's ship. The mission counter will have different missions available depending on if the current mode is story or multi, and how far through the story the player has progressed. Some missions also require the completion of other similar missions to be accessed.

Mission rank[edit | edit source]

Each mission has up to 5 different ranks available, ranging from the lowest at Cdiff.png, to the highest at Idiff.png. The higher the mission rank, the higher the level of the creatures and therefore the difficulty of the mission.

Depending on the mission rank as well, a certain character level is required to access the mission. In general, the following requirements and enemy levels are followed:

Rank Player LV Creature LV
Cdiff.png 1+ 1-24
Bdiff.png 20+ 25-74
Adiff.png 60+ 75-124
Sdiff.png 100+ 125-174
Idiff.png 150+ 175-250

However, this is not a strict rule, as many missions have lower/higher requirements, along with different level creatures.

Mission clear[edit | edit source]

At the end of every mission, a mission clear screen is displayed which outlines the player's performance and grants them a score ranging from 0 to 1,000 points. Depending on the score achieved, a certain rank will be obtained, with higher ranks granting more meseta, Type Points and chance for an item rewards. If playing with partner characters, there is also a chance of them granting the player an item if S Rank is achieved, with the item depending on the character taken.

Performance can be judged on many factors, such as creatures killed, time taken, traps activated, times returned to Clad 6, and more.

The general points required for each rank are as follows:

  • C-Rank: 0-299 points
  • B-Rank: 300-699 points
  • A-Rank: 700-999 points
  • S-Rank: 1,000 points

However, this is not a hard rule, as many missions have different thresholds.

List of mission types[edit | edit source]

Story Missions[edit | edit source]

See more: Story Missions

Story Missions are main story line of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, and are required to unlock almost all other missions and items. These missions have varying objectives and can only be played in Story Mode, as there are various cutscenes and mandatory partner characters.

The creatures in story missions scale to the player's level up to a certain point, so the player cannot just gain a few levels and overpower the creatures in the mission easily.

There are two episodes of Story Mode, with Episode 1 encompassing the story line of the original Phantasy Star Portable 2 with Emilia, and Episode 2 featuring a brand-new story line with Nagisa, set 6 months after the events of Episode 1.

Open Missions[edit | edit source]

See more: Open Missions

Open Missions are basic assignments, where the player is tasked with going to an area, clearing out the creatures and defeating the main target. All open missions feature all 5 difficulty ranks, and are available in both Story Mode and Multi Mode. Many open missions require the completion of other open missions to access.

Tactical Missions[edit | edit source]

See more: Tactical Missions

Tactical Missions are missions with special objectives, and tend to reward the player with more experience and items than open missions. These missions can be very high in difficulty, and many of them require multiple players to play. Tactical missions are available in both Story Mode and Multi Mode, although the list of missions available differ between the two modes.

Urgent Missions[edit | edit source]

See more: Urgent Missions

Urgent Missions are special rare missions which can sometimes be played after the completion of an open mission in multi mode. These missions feature extremely high rewards, but can only be played once before the mission becomes inaccessible again.

Trade Missions[edit | edit source]

See more: Trade Missions

Trade Missions are special missions where the player is tasked with bringing a NPC certain items in exchange for rewards. These missions can only be accessed in Story Mode.

Training Missions[edit | edit source]

See more: Training Missions

Training Missions are missions for beginners to learn the game. Vasque will teach the player simple actions such as how to heal, how to use weapons and more. These missions are only available in Story Mode.

Infinity Missions[edit | edit source]

See more: Infinity Missions

Infinity Missions are pseudo-random missions generated from a mission disk containing various data. They given very low type points and meseta, but can be very potent for hunting rare items, with many rare items being exclusive to Infinity Missions. These missions can be played in both story mode and multi mode.

Battle Missions[edit | edit source]

See more: Battle Missions

Battle Missions are competitive missions, where players are tasked with defeating other players in one way or another. These missions are only available in Multi Mode.

Challenge Missions[edit | edit source]

See more: Challenge Missions

Challenge Missions are special missions where the player's level and items are reset temporarily. The player is given set levels, items and photon arts to use, and they must make it to the end of the level without dying without a scape doll. These missions can only be played in Multi Mode.

Client Requests[edit | edit source]

See more: Client Requests

Client Requests are special tasks which can be taken on to earn extra items and meseta. Various NPCs in the cafe will hand out these tasks, and can range from killing a certain amount of enemies to clearing a quest with only a certain type of weapon.