Desert Oasis

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Desert Oasis

I've set up an orphanage for children who've lost their parents to war. But there's a problem I need help with.

Mikua Tesran, Orphanage Founder

Available Items[edit | edit source]

Name Type Element Item Unlock
Fluorescent Bulb Saber Random, 0~30% Tornado Throw Initial
Twin Fluorescents Twin Sabers Beetle
Mark III R-Mag Mark III (room decoration)
Ank Bico Axe Stag Beetle
Harisen Battle Fan Saber PPT Shuttle
Twin Harisen Fans Twin Sabers Scale
Master System R-Mag Master System (room decoration)
Dream Master R-Mag Dreamcatcher
Bouquet Saber COG Limo Shuttle Clear Ep1 Chapter 6
Twin Bouquets Twin Sabers COG Cargo Shuttle
Genesis R-Mag MegaDrive
Nano Shark Puppets Twin Claws Koltova Transport
Shark Puppet Claws Endrum PPT Shuttle
Pumpkinhead Rod Landeel A

Landeel B

Nagesen Saber PPT Shuttle Clear Ep1 Chapter 10
Sega Saturn R-Mag SegaSaturn
Goof Swatter Sword Military PPT Shuttle
Lollipop Axe Gumball Machine
Dreamcast R-Mag Dreamcast (room decoration)
Song for Death Rifle Random, 0~50% Happy Candle


Clear Ep1 Hard Mode
Twin Distortion Saber Birthday Candle

Bruce's Cargo

Elecdistortion Twin Sabers Airboard


Robopitch Grenade Grenade Launcher Sega Logo Light

Maiden's Ship

Sweet Weave Shield-Weave Random, 0~30% G Flyer (Blue) Clear Ep1 Chapter 10
Ascension Gift Modules - A-Photon Reactor
Equipment Sets
Seva Sata

Rabol Satta



Random, 0~30% Rappy Doll Initial

Rabol Patte



Pannon Doll Clear Ep1 Chapter 6
Gur Neda

Rabol Neda

Grenade Launcher


Lunga Doll
Vish Tien

Rabol Tien



Kakwane Doll Clear Ep1 Chapter 10
Cubo Dunga

Rabol Dunga



Speed Fly Gizmo

Rabol Rad



Sinow Beat Kit Model
Gudda Gant

Rabol Gant



Sinow Gold Kit Model
Gur Asted

Rabol Asted

Grenade Launcher


Linear Line Clear Ep1 Hard Mode
Ank Buti

Rabol Buti



Okiku Doll

G Flyer (Orange)

Talk to Mikua[edit | edit source]

Mikua[edit | edit source]

There were so many children orphaned when the SEED attacked three years ago, I decided to start an orphanage.

That was a year ago now. Before then, I was just another girl working in a shop on some colony.

Dias[edit | edit source]

I met Dias sitting outside the shop I used to work at. He had just lost his parents—he didn't know what to do.

I let him stay with me for a while, but that was no replacement for having a family.

Then it hit me. If I could make a place where children who had lost their parents could live together, maybe they could become a new family.

The Orphanage[edit | edit source]

It took two years to save up enough money to open the orphanage.

It's not an extravagant life, but the children seem happy again. I'm busier than I've ever been, but it's worth it.

But there's one... small... problem.

Mikua's Dilemma[edit | edit source]

The children are happy, but they can be a little too... enthusiastic. They keep breaking all their toys! It takes all my money just to cover their living expenses. There's nothing left over for new toys.

Do you think you can help? If you can find decorations that would make good toys, it would really help me out.

Decorations and Trading[edit | edit source]

The desert's filled with things lost by adventurers over the years.

Sometimes Dias and I come out here to scavenge for anything that might be useful. If you have any decorations that would make good toys, we'd be happy to trade what we've found with you.

Some of the things we come across are pretty rare.

What do you say?

Other Notes[edit | edit source]

Mikua and Dias also appears in KFC.