Planetary Treasury

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Planetary Treasury

Kunoh is here to hand out Mission Discs and trade in Planetary Treasure collections.

After a Planetary Treasure collection is traded in (does not have to be the full set), the Planetary Treasure requirements for the ones traded in are reset. The ones not traded in are kept the same (even if they are already completed).

Available Items[edit | edit source]

Planetary Treasure Items
Stone 1 Fusion Code, 1 Maple CalorieMate
Stone+Bronze 3 Fusion Code, 1 Photon Booster
Stone+Bronze+Silver 5 Fusion Code, 3 Photon Code
Stone+Bronze+Silver+Gold 10 Fusion Code, 1 Extend Code
Stone+Bronze+Silver+Gold+Platinum 20 Fusion Code, 1 Extend Code ∞

The player can also obtain the following Mission Discs for free:

Name Boss Area Enemies I Enemies II Enemy Lv Blocks Special Effect
Giel Beach Lv1 Giel Zohg VR Beach Parum Machinery +5 2 -
Zoal Grove Lv1 Zoal Goug VR Grove Neudaiz Machinery +5 2 -
Duga Tundra Lv1 Duga Dunga VR Tundra Moatoob Machinery +5 2 -

These discs are exactly the same as the initially provided infinity missions.

Talk[edit | edit source]

Trading[edit | edit source]

You can exchange the Planetary Treasures you gained from Infinity Missions for some rare goods here.

My stock comes in sets of 2. If you wish to access the better items, bring all sorts of Treasure combinations to me. Remember that you can always get more treasures in Infinity Missions.

Planetary Treasures[edit | edit source]

You will receive Treasures when you clear the Infinity Missions with the required conditions.

There are 5 kinds:

  • Stone Treasure
  • Bronze Treasure
  • Silver Treasure
  • Gold Treasure
  • Platinum Treasure

Check Planetary Treasures at the Code Counter for more specifics.

Mission Discs[edit | edit source]

You may receive Mission Discs from containers in Infinity Missions after you defeat the boss.

By registering those discs at the Code Counter, you will have access to new Infinity Missions.

Let me know if you need some discs; I have some prepared for you.