MAX Event Trader

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MAX Event Trader

First Time Rewards[edit | edit source]

Entering this mission after clearing at least 1 of Maximum Attack Cross 1~4 will reward the player with 3 Extend Codes and 4 Fun Coupons.

Available Items[edit | edit source]

Name Type Element Item
Kotetsu Saber Any (80%) 1 Fun Coupon
Ikotenyoku Twin Saber Any (80%) 1 Fun Coupon
Cho Hee Spear Any (80%) 1 Fun Coupon
Gran Orca Sword Any (80%) 1 Fun Coupon
Fun Coupon Trade Item - 10 Special Badge

10 Guardians Badge

10 Little Wing Badge

10 Phantasy Star Badge

Talk[edit | edit source]

Event Trader[edit | edit source]

Ya'll did well in stopping the bustle of the Ark.

I've been using the monster data you gathered to create new weapons, and I'm giving'em to ya Little Wing fellas.

You guys got so much good data, these weapons turned out pretty good.

Fun Coupons[edit | edit source]

I've been giving these coupons out to those who've been helpin' in the Ark investigation. If ya got one, it's proof that you've been doing the research fer me. Hand'em in to me and I'll give ya something good.

What, ya haven't done any work? Ain't too late yet, just go do Maximum Attack Cross, will ya?

Badges[edit | edit source]

I accept the following badges:

Special Badge

Guardians Badge

Little Wing Badge

Phantasy Star Badge

You can get them in Maximum Attack Cross. Bring them to me, and I'll give you Fun Coupons.

Other Notes[edit | edit source]

All items in this trade mission can only be obtained in this trade mission.