Rapico's Outlet

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Rapico's outlet

First Time Rewards[edit | edit source]

Entering Rapico's Outlet for the first time will reward the player with 2 Extend Codes and 2 Extend Code ∞s. This can only be obtained once per entire savefile.

Available Items[edit | edit source]

Name Type Element Items
Puyo Pop Cannon Grenade Launchers 30% 3 Rapico's Lucky Feather

Rapico's Grab Bag[edit | edit source]

The player can use 2 Rapico's Lucky Feather to obtain a random item from the following items.

Name Type Element
Alec Punchers Knuckles Random 0~60%
Miracle Punchers
Rappy Tippies Twin Daggers
Bal Whip Whips
Power Whip
Dylas Whip
Rappy Fan Slicers
Al Rappy Fan
Amure Rappy Fan
Rappy Amure Madog Tech-Mags
Rappy Madog
Rappy Latan Madog
Rappy Paska Madog
Rappy Noel Madog
Pinky Shooter Grenade Launchers
Rappy Barrel
Rappy Barrel G
Rappy Barrel EX
Berry Ice Beam Laser Cannons
Mellow Ice Beam
T. Sand Rappy Guns Twin Handguns
Sand Rappy Gun Handguns
Sand Rappy Bow Crossbows
Meseta Card Consumables -
Room Decorations
Rappy Brothers Room decorations -
Rapico Portrait Room decorations -

Partner Card[edit | edit source]

Name Items
Rapico 5 Rapico's Lucky Feather

Extend Codes[edit | edit source]

Name Type Items
Extend Code Consumables 15 Extend Fragments
Extend Code ∞ Consumables 5 Extend Codes

Unlike Secret Society, the player can trade for Extend Codes as many times as they would like each visit.

Talk[edit | edit source]

Rapico's Outlet[edit | edit source]

You can trade the R. Lucky Feathers you obtained in MAX Attack ∞ at Rapico's for various goods and services.

The current offering:

  • Rapico Partner Cards
  • The Rapico Grab Bag
  • Puyo Pop Cannons
  • Extend Codes
  • Extend Codes ∞