Planetary Treasure

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This page outlines how to effectively obtain Planetary Treasures.

The answer to the question "How much of a pain can we make a gameplay feature, and still make the players use it?"

Planetary Treasures are a special kind of Trade Items that can be traded in at the Planetary Treasury for rewards.

Unlike other items, a Planetary Treasure, once obtained, does not take up any inventory space, and is automatically usable at the Planetary Treasury.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Planetary Treasure screen at the Code Counter

Requirements for Planetary Treasure can be found at the Code Counter. Requirements are randomly generated based on the Grade of the treasure.

When clearing Infinity Missions which fulfills the requirements for a treasure, there is a chance that the treasure will be obtained.

After the player trades in Treasures at Planetary Treasury, the requirements for the Treasures the player traded in is replaced with a new one. For example, trading in a Stone Treasure and a Iron Treasure will replace the requirements for Stone and Iron. The requirements for the grades of the treasure not traded in are not replaced, even if that treasure has already been obtained. The requirements are also not replaced if the player does not trade in at the Planetary Treasury, even if the player has obtained the full set of Planetary Treasures.

In other words, the player can only have one of each grade of Planetary Treasure at the same time.

Grades[edit | edit source]

Missions that fulfills a requirement can be seen from the Mission Counter

Planetary Treasures have five grades: Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each grade has a different patterns of requirement generation, and higher grades are more difficult to obtain than lower grade ones.

Grade Requirements Pattern
Stone Specific mission name (i.e. specific boss and area), C difficulty or higher.
Bronze Specific mission name (i.e. specific boss and area), block number, B difficulty or higher.
Silver Specific Area, Enemy Tables, B difficulty or higher.
Gold Specific Area, Special Effect, and special effect level, A difficulty or higher.
Platinum Specific mission name (i.e. specific boss and area), enemy table, block number, S difficulty or higher.

Example requirements can be seen on the right.