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Using the MySynth, it's possible to put room decorations in My Room. My Room have a total of 40 room decoration points, which is consumed when items are placed, and refunded when items are removed.

There're 3 types of room items: Small Room items, Normal Room items, and Posters.

  • Posters must be hung on walls, and costs 3 points.
  • Normal Room items must be placed on the ground, and costs 2 points.
  • Small Room items can be placed on the ground, small item slots (such as the two next to Shared Storage), and other room items that has small object slots (such as a Table). They cost 1 point each.

Room Items can be freely rotated or removed once placed. Room Items can also be placed into other player's rooms during Multiplayer mode, but they cannot be removed or rotated once placed.

Different My Room designs has different slots with which to place items; however, all my room designs has 40 decoration points.

Note that Room Items cannot be sold to the shop.

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