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Character Data[edit | edit source]

Battle Missions#Battle Class

Challenge Missions#Challenge Class

Type Data[edit | edit source]

Customize Abilities[edit | edit source]

Records[edit | edit source]

Partner Card Records are totalled up from the data of all characters, and carried across every character's partner card.

Rare Weapon Registry[edit | edit source]

The Completed Rare Weapon Registry
Grade Icon Name Grade Icon Name
Last Survivor Replica Bloody Fluge
Dyran Slayer Agito Replica
Fighting Beat Screw Gloves
Sacred Dusters Melan Knuckles
Halva Rafagga Ubakurada Headbutt
Demonic Fork Berdysh
Double Saber Replica Nyoibo
Carriguine-Rucar Absolute Blade
Ank Bico Bil De Horn Axe
Ill Gill Testament Morat Machinas
Twin Fluorescents Dual DB's Swords
Twin Distortion Sangeyasha
Rappy Tippies Cross Scar
Amure Tippies Brandish
Twin Photon Claws Twin Bear Claws
Vanda Claws T. Genuine Neiclaws
Beefedge Rare Durandal Replica
Kusanagi Delnadiblade