Challenge Missions

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Challenge Missions are special missions accessible from Multi Mode. The objective of the challenge missions is to clear the mission within an alloted time, using characters with a fixed starting level and fixed equipments.

Challenge Missions, as seen from the Mission Counter

Challenge Mission Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Each character has a fixed level, type level, extend type, PA discs, and starting equipment.
    • The extend type, PA discs, and starting equipment are based on the Type of the character, which can be changed from the mission counter before entering into the mission area.
  • Characters does not have type abilities.
  • All players start with a Scape Doll in the inventory.
  • The mission will fail if any player dies without a Scape Doll.
  • Items can be passed around by dropping them on the ground.
    • It's also possible to return equipped PAs to disc and then drop them on the ground to pass to other players.
  • Completing a mission awards Challenge Points, these will level up your Challenge Rank.
  • Completing a mission within the alloted time will reward each players with items.
    • Completing a mission after running out of time will still award Challenge Points and unlock the next stage (if there is any), but will not award any items.
  • Humans, Newmans, and Casts do not necessarily start with blast modules, and Beasts do not necessarily start with a blast badge equipped. A Deuman will always be able to use Infinity Blast since the only requirement is the character being Lv10.
    • However, since the Type Levels are fixed, Deuman does not necessarily have additional abilities, such as Drain Lv5, attached to the Infinity Blast.

Challenge Missions[edit | edit source]

Missions Party Size Target Time Rewards Challenge Points
Challenge 1
Stage 1: Gatekeeper 1-4 10:00 Green Ring 30
Stage 2: Twin Foes 1-4 20:00 Purple Ring 100
Stage 3: Takeover 2-4 20:00 White Ring 100
Stage 4: Trial by Fire 2-4 25:00 Orange Ring 150
Stage 5: Snow Trap 2-4 20:00 Yellow Ring 150
Stage 6: Plant Raid 2-4 25:00 Blue Ring 170
Stage 7: Fortress 2-4 30:00 Red Ring 300
Little Wing Grand Prix
LWG Stage 1 1-2 4:00 Uchi-wa 30
LWG Stage 2 1-2 4:30 Queen Berry 40
LWG Stage 3 1-2 5:00 Wing Saber 50
Challenge II
Stage 1: Ascendancy 1-4 10:00 NiGHTSdoog 100
Stage 2: Mind's Eye 1-4 15:00 Exorcism 150
Stage 3: Shadow Flight 1-4 20:00 Edge Quolia (Hunter)

Kanon Quolia (Ranger)

El Curare (Force)

Al Curare (Vanguard)

Stage 4: Golden Roar 1-4 20:00 Bil De Vear Rod
Stage 5: Shooting Star 1-4 25:00 Dark Meteor 250
Infinity Grand Prix (Downloadable content)
∞ GP Stage 1 1-2 8:30 Grand Prix Ticket 30
∞ GP Stage 2 1-2 5:00 Grand Prix Ticket 30
∞ GP Final Stage 1-2 7:30 Infinity Element 30
Extra Stage: Zero 1-4 10:00 Rising Sun Spellstone 30
Extra Stage: Showdown 1-4 14:00 Infinite Star Spellstone 30

To access the further missions, all party members must have completed all challenge missions in the set prior to that mission. Completion only requires clearing the mission, and does not require clearing the mission within the alloted time.

Time Records[edit | edit source]

Challenge Mission times can be found on the Partner Card and Records in My Room. They are referred to in the following fashion:

Records Mission Set
Challenge 1 Challenge 1
Challenge 2 Little Wing Grand Prix
Challenge 3 Challenge II
Challenge 4 Infinity Grand Prix

Players are able to see the times they took to complete each individual stage in a mission set, as well as the total time it took to complete that set. Times are recorded per character.

Note that the times are separated by Type: times achieved as a Ranger and times achieved as a Force are placed separately, and totalled up separately. It's possible for a player to not have a total time displayed on their Partner Card or My Room records after they had cleared all stages in a set, if they do not have a Type that has times on every stage (If they changed Types midway, for example).

Challenge Class[edit | edit source]

When clearing a Challenge Mission, all players gain Challenge Points, based on the mission and if they cleared it within the alloted time.

After a player accumlates a certain amount of Challenge Points, they will rank up their Challenge Class, which will be displayed on their Partner Card.

Challenge Class and Challenge points are carried across all characters and all types.

Challenge Class Challenge Points Points to next Rank
God -