Infinity blasts

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Infinity blasts are blast transformations available exclusively to deumans. Infinity blasts will surround the user in a light-blue glow, giving them access to unique Button square.png and Button triangle.png attacks, along with improved dodging capabilities for 25 seconds originally. Infinity blasts do not need to be equipped, and will automatically be available providing the player is character level 10 or above.

There are 4 different types of infinity blasts, each blast corresponding to a certain type, and can only be used by the respective type.

During an infinity blast, the player will have full control over the blast, and access to both dodging and blocking. Button square.png attacks can be used to build chains, and Button triangle.png attacks can be used to break chains and benefit from their damage bonuses. Button triangle.png attacks can also be charged up to 2 times for improved damage. Unlike mirage blasts and SUV-weapons, infinity blasts are capable of hitting multiple locks per creature, with 4 locks for Button square.png and 3 locks for Button triangle.png

The attack type of an infinity blast depends on the blast, each scaling with different stats. All items will also be unequipped during the blast, and any consumables may not be used.

Unlike other blasts, infinity blasts do not provide the user invulnerability, and the user may become incapacitated during the blast. If incapacitated, the blast will immediately end, and the player will remain incapacitated, not reverted to their non-blast state.

Blast type bonuses[edit | edit source]

Infinity blasts gain various bonuses depending on the type level of the player.

Type LV Bonus
LV1+ Stats boosted by
LV11+ Drain LV5 on all attacks
LV21+ Charge time reduced by 33% for Button triangle.png
LV31+ 15% chance of inflicting sleep
LV41+ Blast duration increased to 45s

Over End[edit | edit source]

Main article: Over End

Over End is the infinity blast available to Hunters.

During Over End, the user has access to a gigantic photon sword with extremely long range. This blast deals melee type damage and scales on the user's base ATK.

Final Trigger[edit | edit source]

Main article: Final Trigger

Final Trigger is the infinity blast available to Rangers.

During Final Trigger, the user has access to long-range attacks which can launch creatures. This blast deals ranged type damage and scales on the user's base effective ranged ATK: (ATK/4)+ACC.

Falling Star[edit | edit source]

Main article: Falling Star

Falling Star is the infinity blast available to Forces.

During Falling Star, the user has access to technic-based orbs which attack in a very wide area in front of the user. This blast deals technic type damage and scales n the user's base TEC.

Blade Stream[edit | edit source]

Main article: Blade Stream

Blade Stream is the infinity blast available to Vanguards.

During Blade Stream, the user attacks in a very wide radius around them with large blades. This blast deals ranged type damage and scales on the user's base effective ranegd ATK: (ATK/4)+ACC.