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Dragon, a boss introduced in Phantasy Star Portable 2

Boss creatures are powerful, unique creatures that are usually fought at the end of a mission as the target of the mission. A cutscene always precedes fighting them, and they exist in unique arenas. Defeating them usually ends the mission, rewarding the party with any mission clear rewards, and up to 8 different drops from the boss.

Boss creatures tend to be the most powerful creatures in the game, and can be very tough to defeat if the party is not prepared. Unlike most regular creatures, bosses also tend to have many different locations to be hit, making area-of-effect attacks particularly effect against many bosses.

List of boss creatures[edit | edit source]

Regular bosses[edit | edit source]

Image Name Attributes Resistances
Adahna Degahna
IM Name: Adahna
IM Name: Alteraz
Azn'gom Gijn'gom
IM Name: N'gom
Bil De Golus
IM Name: Golus
Dark Falz
IM Name: Unholy
Dark Falz Final
IM Name: Falz

Dark Falz Dios
IM Name: Dios
De Ragan
IM Name: Ragan
De Ragnus
IM Name: Ragnus
De Rol Le
IM Name: Serpent
IM Name: Dimma
Dol Vaveer
IM Name: Gaia
IM Name: Dragon
Duga Dunga
IM Name: Duga
Dulk Fakis
IM Name: Wicked
Dulk Fakis Final
IM Name: Fakis

Dyla Bravas
IM Name: Bravas
Faz'ntar Seg'ntar
IM Name: Gemini
Giel Zohg
IM Name: Giel
Magas Maggahna
IM Name: Magas
Mother Brain
IM Name: Electro
Olga Flow
IM Name: Olga
Olga Flow Final
IM Name: Flowing

IM Name: Onma
Orga Anastasis
IM Name: Anastas
Orga Angelus
IM Name: Angel
Orga Dyran
IM Name: Dyran
Orga Spritos
IM Name: Spritos
Reol Badia
IM Name: Reol
Volna Gravka
IM Name: Volna
IM Name: Sacred
Zoal Goug
IM Name: Zoal

Minibosses[edit | edit source]

Image Name Attributes Resistances
Do Vol
IM Name: Vol
Heaven's Mother
IM Name: Trinity
Hiru Vol
IM Name: Vol
Kasch Tribesman
IM Name: Yunkers
IM Name: Adel
No Vol
IM Name: Vol
Renvolt Magashi
IM Name: Crimson
IM Name: Neumann
IM Name: Sol
IM Name: Wayfarer