Kasch Tribesman

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This article is about the creature version of Yut. For the character and NPC partner, see Yut Jun Yunkers.
Kasch Tribesman
Kasch Tribesman.png
A prideful boy from Kasch; he skillfully mixes combat styles to deal with enemies.

Kasch Tribesman is a miniboss creature.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Regular missions[edit | edit source]

Values in parentheses () refer to a creature's count on a mission's rare variation, if it has a different value to regular variations.
Mission Name Mission Type Planet Cdiff.png Bdiff.png Adiff.png Sdiff.png Idiff.png Attribute Amount
Famitsu Max Attack (Ancient Grove) Tactical mission Clad 6 5 50 100 150 200 Ground.gif