Orga Dyran

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Orga Dyran
Orga Dyran.png
A creature materialized in VR, merged with SEED. Its strength is so vast it distorts time.

Orga Dyran is a boss creature.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Regular missions[edit | edit source]

Values in parentheses () refer to a creature's count on a mission's rare variation, if it has a different value to regular variations.
Mission Name Mission Type Planet Cdiff.png Bdiff.png Adiff.png Sdiff.png Idiff.png Attribute Amount
JUMP - Tyrant's Advent Tactical mission Clad 6 20 70 110 180 215 Dark.gif 1
Illusionary Shaft Urgent mission Parum 14 54 104 154 204 Dark.gif 1
Phantom Ruins Urgent mission Clad 6 14 54 104 154 204 Dark.gif 1

Random appearance[edit | edit source]

Orga Dyran can appear randomly after the completion of any open mission which does not have a boss creature. If Orga Dyran appears, a rainbow teleporter will block access back to Clad 6, which leads to Orga Dyran.

Orga Dyran's level will be identical to the level of the target creature of the mission it appears in, which is 4 levels above the mission's level.