Battle Missions

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This page outlines strategies and approaches to different battle missions.

Battle Missions are multiplayer missions that pits the players against each other in a test of skill and most of the time luck. These missions are accessible from Multi Mode, when there are at least two players in the party. Mission can be battle royale or team battles. The objectives of each mission is to obtain as many points as possible within the allotted time, and points are gained in a variety of ways dependent on the mission. Clearing Battle Missions will provide the players with points that can increase their Battle Class, and more battle missions will be opened up as Battle Class increases.

Battle Missions, as seen from the Mission Counter

Battle Mission Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Each player has a fixed starting level, equipment, and Type level.
    • The starting equipment is dependent on the type of the character. Unlike Challenge Missions, types cannot be changed from the mission counter, and must be changed from the Type Counter in the weapon shop prior to the mission.
    • Characters do not have type abilities or blast modules. While Deumans has access to Infinity Blasts, it's usually very unlikely for them to be able to accumlate enough Blast Gauge to use it before death.
  • When a character dies, they will respawn within a fixed period of time. Each mission has a set of respawn points, and the player can choose the one they would like to spawn at.
  • During a team battle, victory is decided by totalling up the points of each team.
  • There are multiple ways of gaining points, dependent on the mission:
    • Killing another player.
    • Picking up meseta.
    • Defeating Monsters.
      • Defeating a monster has a chance to drop items. The items dropped are individually instanced and players cannot see or interactive with each other's drops.
    • Destroying Bases.
    • Gaining control of Energy Poles by standing under them for a set period of time.
  • The missions will inform the player of which actions earns points, and how much points each action is worth, at the beginning of the mission.
  • Some maps has container which drops items. The items dropped from these container are individually instanced and players cannot see or interactive with each other's drops. (With the exception of Meseta Grab).

Battle Missions[edit | edit source]

Name Time Type Unlock Battle Points (Win)
Catapult Jump 5:00 Team Match Initial 500
Meseta Grab 5:00 Battle Royale Initial 300
Electric Deathmatch 3:00 Battle Royale Battle Class D 180
Battle at the Castle 5:00 Battle Royale Battle Class D 300
Menace in the Middle 5:00 Team Match Battle Class C 500
Race to the Finish! 2:00 Battle Royale Battle Class C 120
Roller Dash 5:00 Battle Royale Battle Class B 300
Hunting Face-Off 5:00 Team Match Battle Class A 500
Switch Strategy 3:00 Team Match Battle Class A+ 300
Nine Rooms 5:00 Team Match Battle Class S 500

Battle Class[edit | edit source]

When a battle mission finishes, all players gain battle points based on the mission, and whether or not they won.

For Team Matches, the losing team gains 50% the winner amount of battle points. For Battle Royales, 2nd place gains 83%, 3rd place gains 66%, and 4th place gains 50%.

If the match is a draw, all players gain the loser amount of battle points (50%).

If the player won against another player of a higher Battle Class, they will gain 25% extra battle points. If the player lost against a player of a lower Battle class, their battle points gained will be reduced to 80%.

If all players gained a total of 0 points during the mission, they will not receive any battle points, whether they won or lost.

After a player accumlates a certain amount of battle points, they will rank up their battle class, which will be displayed on their Partner Card, and can unlock more battle missions.

Battle class and battle points are carried across all characters and all types.

Battle Class Image Total points Min. Number of wins
E 0 0
D 5000 10
C 10000 20
B 15000 30
A 20000 40
A+ 25000 50
S 30000 60
S+ 40000 80
SS 50000 100
SS+ 60000 120
SSS 80000 160