Trade Missions

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Trade Missions allows the player to trade Trade Items from the Inventory for Items, Weapons, shield-weaves, clothes, and more.

Each Trade Mission consumes a different type of Trade Items, which can be obtained by different methods. The method to obtain each trade item is noted on the Trade Items page. The items that can be obtained from each mission are noted on their respective pages.

Entering a Trade Mission will remove all Partner Characters from the player's party, unless that mission is Desert Oasis, Secret Society, or The Secret Pub. For The Offertory Box, Partner Characters will only be removed from the player's party if the player enters the treasure vault. They will not be removed if the player does not enter the treasure vault.

Name Trade Items Obtainable Item Types Unlock
The Locker Room Wings Medals Weapons, Shield-Weave Initial
Desert Oasis Room Decorations Weapons, Shield-Weave, Modules Ep1 Chap 2
Secret Society Weapons Badges, PA fragments, Extend Fragments Weapons, PA Discs, Shield-Weave, Modules, Scape Dolls, Extend Codes Ep1 Chap 3
The Offertory Box Photon (Drops, Crystals, Spheres) Weapons, Shield-Weave, Cloth/Parts, Room Decoration Ep1 Chap 4
The Secret Pub Spellstones Weapons, Shield-Weave, Module, Clothes/Parts Ep1 Chap 5
Planetary Treasury Planetary Treasure Extend Codes, Extend Code ∞, Fusion Codes, Photon (Boosters/Codes) Initial
Galatic Peddler Photon (Boosters, Codes) Weapons, Shield-Weave, Clothes/Parts, Room Decoration Initial
MAX Attack Trader (Contains the next three trade missions) Initial
MA Exchange Special Tickets Weapon, Clothes/Parts, Room Decoration
MAX Exchange Badges, Photon Weapon, Clothes/Parts, Room Decoration
MAX Event Trader Fun Coupons Weapons
Challenge II Exchange Weapon Badges Platinum Weapon (Ten'imuso) Initial
IGP Extra Exchange Spellstones (Rising Sun, Infinite Star) Weapons, Room Decoration Downloadable content
IGP Exchange Grand Prix Tickets, Infinity Elements Weapons
MAX ∞ Trader Ult. Fun Coupons Weapons
MAX ∞ Exchange Guardian Tickets, Little Wings Tickets, Hunter Tickets Weapons, Modules, Room Decorations
Rapico's Outlet Rapico's lucky feather, Extend Fragments, Extend Codes Weapons, Extend Codes, Extend Code ∞, Room Decoration