Photon Code

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Item sources[edit | edit source]

Clear reward[edit | edit source]

Mission Rank Rating Rarity Notes
Famitsu Max Attack Idiff.png S.png 1/5
Phantasmal Requiem Sdiff.png S.png 1/5
Famitsu Max Attack Sdiff.png S.png 1/10
Fanta Quiz Battle! S.png 1/10
Fiery Onslaught Idiff.png S.png 1/10
JUMP - Tyrant's Advent Idiff.png S.png 1/10
Max Attack Cross (all routes) Idiff.png S.png 1/10
Famitsu Max Attack Adiff.png S.png 1/20
Fiery Onslaught Sdiff.png S.png 1/20
JUMP - Tyrant's Advent Sdiff.png S.png 1/20
Max Attack Cross (all routes) Sdiff.png S.png 1/20
Phantasmal Requiem Adiff.png S.png 1/20
Fiery Onslaught Adiff.png S.png 1/100
JUMP - Tyrant's Advent Adiff.png S.png 1/100
Max Attack Cross (all routes) Adiff.png S.png 1/100
Toro & Kuro's PS Diary S.png 1/100
Max Attack ∞ (all routes) Idiff.png S.png ?
Max Attack ∞ (all routes) Sdiff.png S.png ?
Max Attack ∞ (all routes) Adiff.png S.png ?

Unconfirmed[edit | edit source]

The following missions may reward Photon Codes, but are not confirmed. If confirmed, please add to the above list or report it in the discord server in #wiki-general.