Ascension Gift

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Ascension Gift
Type: Module
An SUV random system that relies on an antiquated military satellite to strike foes. Accessible from Level 10.

Ascension Gift is an 8★ SUV-weapon module than grants the user access to the Ascension Gift SUV-weapon.

Ascension Gift is a unique SUV-weapon that will spawn a random joke item in front of the user, which do different things depending on the item spawned. Each item will hit creatures in the vicinity once.

List of items[edit | edit source]

Item Damage Effect
16t weight 1550-1600%
16g weight Heals creature HP and provides creatures with ↑ATK,TEC LV5
Mushroom 500-600% Inflicts poison LV4
Toilet 500-600% Has drain LV4
Rappy 1350-1400% Inflicts sleep LV5

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Click an image below to see the summoned item in action.