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This guide serves as a simple checklist to achieve all the endings in both episode 1 and episode 2. The best endings are required to unlock certain movies at the movie theater, certain partner characters, certain missions, and achieve various different titles and modules.

Endings for episode 1 are dictated by a hidden friendship level point value, while episode 2 requires specific actions by the player to be carried out, although a friendship level point value still exists to be able to carry out some of these criteria.

If the story has already been completed, only the dialogue options from the mission acts themselves are available, but the player can replay the missions while picking the correct dialogue options. Once the player feels they have earned enough points in episode 1, they can replay Chapter 10 - Act 1 until the end and hope they have achieved the ending they want.

For episode 2, all endings are earned through specific criteria, so the player can know if they are able to earn the ending they want, and also choose to get certain endings by picking certain dialogue options or fulfilling certain criteria.

Note that any dialogue options which do not affect friendship level are not listed in this article, so don't freak out if the option you're looking at isn't listed here.

Ending criteria[edit | edit source]

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Ending Criteria
Normal Friendship level with Emilia is 183 or less.
Good Friendship level with Emilia is 184 or more.
Best Friendship level with Emilia is 217 or more.
S-Rank clear in all story missions for chapter 1 through 9.[1]
  1. Not including side stories.

The below dialogue checklist will allow the player to earn the best ending on their first play through if all missions are S-Rank cleared the first time. Choosing other options will lower the friendship level by the point value, allowing all endings to be earned on the same character.

Episode 2[edit | edit source]

Ending Criteria
Bad Defeat the boss in Chapter 4 - Act 2
Normal Clear Chapter 5 - Act 3 without viewing all key scenes.
Best Clear Chapter 5 - Act 3 after viewing all key scenes.

If the criteria for the best ending is met, the player may still earn the normal ending by choosing the incorrect dialogue option in Chapter 5 - Act 1, to avoid viewing the key scene. This also works even if the best ending has already been achieved.

Key scenes[edit | edit source]

Key scenes are special cutscenes which are played after the completion of a chapter in episode 2 if the player's friendship level with Nagisa is high enough, and a specific dialogue option has been chosen during one of the chapter's acts. They usually involve some sort of flashback or dialogue between Nagisa and Wynarl.

There are 5 different key scenes, one for each chapter before the final chapter. This guide will highlight which options are specifically required for the key scenes, although if the player has not amassed enough friendship level with Nagisa, the key scene will not play regardless.

Chapter Friendship level
1 10 or more
2 22 or more
3 34 or more
4 35 or more
5 38 or more

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

As S-Rank clears are required for the best ending in episode 1, the S-Rank criteria can be seen in parentheses () next to the act numbers for each chapter.

Chapter 1 - Spreading Wings[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Points
Act 1 (Clear within 20 minutes)
Talk to the girl. +4
The nerve! +4
You some kind of expert or something? +4
Actually, I do believe you. +4
We can handle this. +4
Act 1 clear
A pleasure to meet you. +1
What happened to the girl I was with? +1
Sign me up. +1
You could cut her a little slack. +1
Cutscene 2
Emilia? You there? +1
I was watching you sleep. +1
Cutscene 4
Ask about the Ancients. +1
Yes, ma'am. +1
(Talk to Emilia) What do you want to do? +1
Open mission clear
Who was that for? +1
Points from Chapter 1 30
Points so far 30

Chapter 2 - Destroyer in Black[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Points
Act 1 (Avoid all Kasch traps)
Leave it to me. +4
Let's just finish this mission. +4
Sounds good. +4
Of course I can. +4
I'm more worried about the village. +4
Act 2 (Clear within 15 minutes)
Help Emilia. +4
Cutscene 2
How's Emilia? +1
Cutscene 3
Why would he be mad? +1
Cutscene 4
That's right. +1
So you finally get it? +1
Glad you had a change of heart. +1
(Talk to Emilia) Why would Kraz be accredited? +1
Open mission clear
I believe Mika. +1
Let's talk to Kraz. +1
Points from Chapter 2 32
Points so far 62

Chapter 3 - Hope by Design[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Points
Cutscene 1
She's telling the truth. +1
Act 1 (Defeat all 80 creatures)
I don't think so. +4
Absolutely. +4
Fine. +4
Act 2 (Clear within 20 minutes)
You think? +4
Real groovy. +4
Cutscene 2
"You did a fine job." +1
Grats. +1
Open mission clear
Cutscene 2
Kraz complimented her. +1
For me? Really? +1
Cutscene 3
Kraz, wait! +1
You being a jerk. +1
I have to find Emilia. +1
Cutscene 4
Tres lame, as Chelsea would say. +1
Cutscene 6
He looks pretty serious to me. +1
Then let's get to "training!" +1
Points from Chapter 3 31
Points so far 93

Chapter 4 - Happy Birthday[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Points
Cutscene 1
She's fuming +1
Act 1 (Clear with 15 minutes remaining)
We're there. +4
Pitch darkness. +4
Just now, you were like Yut's big sister. +4
Act 2 (Lose no terminals)
Calm down, you two. +4
You can't do it alone! +4
Cutscene 2
I got you. +1
Happy birthday. +1
Open mission clear
You're certainly in a good mood. +1
(Talk to Emilia) You look just like Emilia! +1
Points from Chapter 4 25
Points so far 118

Chapter 5 - An Encounter Across Time[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Points
Cutscene 1
Of course. +1
Cutscene 2
I think so too. +1
Act 1 (Clear within 15 minutes)
We don't need any help. +4
Someone very special. +4
You might be on to something. +4
Act 2 (Rescue all 23 people)
This is no dream. +4
Piece of cake. +4
Cutscene 3
Go on, tell him, Emilia. +1
Must be. +1
(Talk to Emilia) Pretty apt. +1
Points from Chapter 5 25
Points so far 143

Chapter 6 - Dream's End[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Points
Cutscene 1
No doubt about it. +1
Something like that. +1
Emilia deserves the credit. +1
Act 1 (Earn 1,000 points)
There are no dialogue options in Act 1
Act 2 (Earn 1,000 points)
You need to shape up, Lumia. +4
Emilia's right. +4
Cutscene 3
... +1
Open mission clear
I'm on it. +1
Points from Chapter 6 13
Points so far 156

Chapter 7 - What Really Matters[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Points
Cutscene 1
I have an idea. +1
Act 1 (Defeat all 57 SEED-forms)
Don't mention it. +4
Yut knows what he's doing. +4
What's the bigger problem? +4
Which way is she? +4
Act 2 (Clear within 10 minutes)
I heard her too. +4
Call for Emilia. +4
Emilia! +4
We came to bring you back. +4
Cutscene 2
Just watch it, Wonder. +1
Sure +1
Cutscene 3
Don't worry about it. +1
(Talk to Kunoh) Why were you so worried? +1
Open mission clear
Right. +1
You okay? +1
Tell me what happened. +1
Points from Chapter 7 40
Points so far 196

Chapter 8 - Prologue to Despair[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Points
(Talk to Emilia) Your lips complain, but your eyes smile. +1
(Talk to Kunoh) You were with the Guardians? +1
Cutscene 1
Leave it to me. +1
Act 1 (Search 100% of the area)
Yep. +4
Weren't you too hard on him? +4
You okay?! +4
No more "wanting to die" talk, 'kay? +4
Act 2 (Clear within 12 minutes)
Don't give up. +4
Open mission clear
There's still hope. +1
Points from Chapter 8 24
Points so far 220

Chapter 9 - Galaxy's End[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Points
Cutscene 1
Stand out in front of Emilia. +1
Sure thing. +1
Cutscene 2
Hold Emilia's hand. +1
Hand in there, Emilia! +1
Cutscene 3
A new way forward? +1
Act 1 (Clear within 13 minutes)
There are no dialogue options in Act 1
Act 2 (Clear within 25 minutes)
I blame leadership. +4
Now that's a load of nonsense. +4
Cutscene 4
... +1
Cutscene 5
She was taken. +1
Points from Chapter 9 15
Points so far 235

Chapter 10 - Save This World[edit | edit source]

Dialogue options in Chapter 10 do not affect the friendship level towards Emilia.

Side stories[edit | edit source]

Side story completion is not necessary for the best ending, but there are up to an extra 60 friendship level points available.

Dialogue Points
Wayfarer in White
Think you might know who sent it? +4
I'm on it. +4
Hiya. +4[1]
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Please! +4
It's not like that. +4
Were you Yut's teacher or something? +4
I think I know what you mean. +4
Wouldn't expect to hear that from a cast. +4
Points from Wayfarer in White 32
Crimson Warrior
We'd be happy to. +4
She doesn't seem like she's lying. +4
What do you mean? +4
Well, will you help us? +4
Look who's talking. +4
Points from Crimson Warrior 20
Heroes' Ronde
If there's any chance, we have to take it. +4
Don't get all bent out of shape. +4
Points from Heroes' Ronde 8
Points from side stories 60
Points grand total 295
  1. Only one dialogue option between these two will be presented, dependent on if the character being played has been imported from Phantasy Star Portable or not.

Episode 2[edit | edit source]

For each chapter, the dialogue choice required for the key scene will be highlighted. Furthermore, an image of the first scene of a key scene will be displayed, so you can know if you have achieved it.

For episode 2, S-Rank clears are not required to achieve the best ending, so criteria for S-Rank will not be shown here.

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Points
Cutscene 2
She meant business. +1
Cutscene 3
I heard it too. +1
She's hosting an Ancient. +1
Points from Prologue 3
Points so far 3

Chapter 1 - Approaching Darkness[edit | edit source]

Key scene 1
Dialogue Points
Cutscene 1
Emilia, calm down. +1
Is that really all? +1
Act 1
I won't leave you alone. Key
Call out to Nagisa. +2
Something is there? +2
Catch her in your arms. +2
Don't worry about it. +2
I'm [character name]. +2
You should rest for now. +2
Key scene plays here
Point requirement: 10
Points from Chapter 1 14
Points so far 17
Key scene 1

Chapter 2 - Scattered Malice[edit | edit source]

Key scene 2
Dialogue Points
Cutscene 1
Are you all right now? +1
If the fragments cause the mutations... +1
I'm doing the bodyguard job. +1
Of course I will! +1
Act 1
Throw Nagisa a lifeline. +2
You did well. +2
Perhaps you're right. +2
Feign ignorance. +2
Act 2
It's related to the sealing. +2
That's right. Key
Explain the circumstances to Hyuga. +2
Relax, you're fine. +2
Key scene plays here
Point requirement: 22
Act 2 clear
Let's try asking Kraz. +1
Give Nagisa a talking to. +1
Say nothing. +1
No hard feelings. +1
Points from Chapter 2 22
Points so far 39
Key scene 2

Chapter 3 - Her Calling[edit | edit source]

Key scene 3
Dialogue Points
Act 1
Yeah, that's right. +2
That's not true. +2
He thinks you're cold and distant. +2
Act 2
Scold the two of them. +2
Someone indispensable.
A friend.
Tell her to calm down. +2
Everything OK? +2
Explain what happened. +2
Key scene plays here
Point requirement: 34
Points from Chapter 3 14
Points so far 53
  1. Either option here will trigger the key scene.
Key scene 3

Chapter 4 - Her Choice[edit | edit source]

Key scene 4
Dialogue Points
Act 1
Looking good. +1
Explain it clearly. +2
Nod silently. +2
I would trust you.
I wouldn't do anything
Key scene plays here
Point requirement: 35
Act 2 clear
That wouldn't save Nagisa. +1
What's your game? +1
Points from Chapter 4 7
Points so far 60
  1. Either option here will trigger the key scene.
Key scene 4

Chapter 5 - A New Life[edit | edit source]

Key scene 5 during Chapter 5 - Act 2. Note that this does appear in Act 1, but it will only appear in Act 2 if the best ending has been fulfilled
Dialogue Points
Cutscene 1
I'll go to help Nagisa. +1
Let's do it! +1
Act 1
Five people. +2
Worried about something? +2
I will never abandon her. Key[1]
Key scene plays here
Point requirement: 38
There are no more meaningful dialogue options for
the rest of Chapter 5.
Points from Chapter 5 6
Points grand total 66
  1. If the player does not have at least 38 friendship level points and/or has seen the previous 4 key scenes, this dialogue option will not appear, and the best ending will not be achievable.
Key scene 5 during Chapter 5 - Act 2. Note that this does appear in Act 1, but it will only appear in Act 2 if the best ending has been fulfilled

If the final dialogue option is presented to the player, and they wish to achieve the normal ending, they must pick "Let's prepare for the worst.", which will avoid achieving the best ending.

Depending on the ending that will be obtained, Chapter 5 - Act 2's cutscenes will be presented from different perspectives: For the normal ending, the act will explore the feelings of the Little Wing crew, while the best ending will explore the feelings of Nagisa and Wynarl.

If episode 2 has already been completed, it is not necessary to replay Chapter 5 - Act 2 after picking the desired key dialogue option after Chapter 5 - Act 1; skipping to Chapter 5 - Act 3 will still give the player their desired ending, although they may miss key cutscenes they may not have seen before in Chapter 5 - Act 2.

Side stories[edit | edit source]

Side stores in episode 2 do not affect the friendship level towards Nagisa.

Ending rewards[edit | edit source]

Note that the below only lists rewards that are unique to each ending, and not general story clear rewards.

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Ending Title Partner card Movie Room decoration
Normal Hero of the Hour
Darkness Wing (Module)
Good Hero of the Day
Whitill Wing (Module)
Best Hero of the People
Crimson Wing (Module)
Shizuru Shu Hope for the Future Tethis

Episode 2[edit | edit source]

Ending Title Movie Mission
Bad End of the Nightmare
Steel Hearts III (Sword 10%)
Good Lived to Serve
Purplenum Wing (Module)
Best Overturning Fate
Wynarl Portrait (Room decoration)
Time of Parting Beyond Space and Time
(Side story)