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This article is about the Technic. For the status effect, see ↑DEF,EVA,MND.
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File:Deband (technic).gif
Type: Technic disc
An ice-based support Technic. Temporarily raises party DEF, EVA, and MND.

Deband is a Technic photon art with ice attribute. Deband casts a ring around the user, granting the user and any nearby allies the ↑DEF,EVA,MND status effect. The user's base TEC will also improve the power of the status effect.

Deband will never overwrite a ↑DEF,EVA,MND that is higher than it produces, and will always remove the ↓DEF,EVA,MND effect.

Technic parameters[edit | edit source]

LV TEC PP Hits Locks Charge Time Special Strafe Notes
1-10 50 Average ↑DEF,EVA,MND LV1
11-20 50 Fast ↑DEF,EVA,MND LV2
21-30 50 Very fast ↑DEF,EVA,MND LV3

↑DEF,EVA,MND[edit | edit source]

Main article: ↑DEF,EVA,MND

Each level of ↑DEF,EVA,MND raises the player's DEF, EVA, and MND by the below amount.

LV Increase
LV1 1.38×
LV2 1.43×
LV3 1.48×

The player's base TEC, including Type stats and Rebirth stats, also increase the amount provided by Deband per the below formula. The final amount is added to the amounts above.

Player TEC Increase
500 0.025×
1000 0.05×
1500 0.075×

* Any decimal points are truncated after this equation. For example, 5.79 will become 5.

Duration[edit | edit source]

The duration of the ↑DEF,EVA,MND effect provided by Deband depends on the final number of the level of the Technic. For example, level 5, 15 and 25 all have the same duration. 0 is counted as 10. The duration is calculated with the below formula.

Technic LV Duration
2, 12, 22 132s
5, 15, 25 150s
10, 20, 30 180s

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Area drops[edit | edit source]

Area Rate[?]
Forest 1/10
Habirao F.D. 1/10
Mine 1/10

Trade missions[edit | edit source]

Mission Name Attribute Price
Secret Society 13x PA Fragment[1]
  1. Requires Episode 1 clear

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

Location Base Price Unlock
Weapon Shop 2500 Begin Chapter 6 (Episode 1) or Chapter 2 (Episode 2)