Kentucky Fried Chicken

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The Teleporter that leads to the KFC

KFC is a rare area that has a chance of appearing in the final room of the final block in any Open Missions that features Boss Creatures, and takes place on Clad 6.

Party Barrel[edit | edit source]


By talking to the Mikua at the Entrance, the player can obtain a Party Barrel, once per visit. She will also offer explanations of the items sold.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Colonel Sanders

Speaking to the Colonel for the first time on a character will grant that character the Colonel's Partner Card.

Items can be purchased from the Colonel, in the back of the area, next to the truck. Items cannot be sold to him.

The inventory on sale expands dependent on the difficulty of the current Open Mission. The weapons obtained has a fixed element and elemental percentage.

Name Category Element Price Difficulty
Colonel Stick M Daggers Lightning 5000 A, S, ∞
Colonel Stick T Wands Lightning 5000 A, S, ∞
Ketchup Gun Machine Guns Fire 3000 B, A, S, ∞
Mustard Gun Machine Guns Ice 10000 B, A, S, ∞
Chicken Weave Shield-weaves Random 1500 C, B, A, S, ∞
Colonel Weave Shield-weaves Neutral 100000
Party Barrel Room Decorations - 3880 C, B, A, S, ∞
Colonel Statue Room Decorations - 500000

Stamp Card[edit | edit source]


By talking to Dias at the table on the side, the player can obtain a Stamp, once per visit. Accumlating three Stamps (in other words, three visits to the cake shop) will become a Stamp Card, which can be exchange for a Colonel Sanders Suit outfit. The outfit comes in ten colors: White, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, Peach, Purple, Blue, and Light Purple.

The Stamps and Stamp Cards are accumlated per character, and are accumlated separately from the Naura's Cake Shop stamps and Pizza Hut stamps.

Trivia[edit | edit source]