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Accessing the Shared Storage from myRoom

The Shared Storage is a space for the player to store items they don't immediately need. The player is able to freely deposit or withdraw any items from the storage. The storage space is shared by all of the player's characters on the same savefile, and each character can withdraw items from the storage regardless of which character deposited the item.

Size limits[edit | edit source]

The Shared Storage can store a maximum of 2000 items. Weapons, Shield-weaves, Modules, Photon Arts, Room decorations, Costumes consumes 1 slot per item.

Consumables and Trade Items stacks to a maximum of 999, and each type of item takes 1 slot in the storage. However, if the player has 999 of a consumable of trade item in the storage, they are unable to deposit any more of that type of item.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The Shared Storage can be accessed from the following locations:

The player is also able to deposit items into the Shared Storage at any time anywhere from the menu.

The shops also allows the player to buy items directly into the Shared Storage, or sell items directly out of the Shared Storage. Note that a locked item in the storage cannot be sold, and must be withdrawn to be unlocked first.