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The new player guide is intended to help both new and returning players. The guide covers early-game progression and commonly asked questions about various topics in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. Make sure to check the table of contents to the right if you're looking for information about a specific topic.

Before diving in, it is recommended to check out the downloadable content and modifications pages for extra content and improvements.

Quick breakdown:

  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity plays significantly differently to previous games in the series. See below for more information.
  • Newly created characters start with access to very little content. Most content must be unlocked by playing story missions in story mode.
    • Because of this, it is advisable that you clear both episodes of story missions before looking to play multiplayer.
  • Learning the chain system will make life much easier. Creatures' stats are balanced around this.
  • The rebirth system can make your character very powerful, but it is advisable to rebirth at specific points. See the rebirth page for details.

Changes from Phantasy Star Universe[edit | edit source]

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity is part of the same series as Phantasy Star Universe, but has many changes compared to its predecessors.

Character[edit | edit source]

  • The level cap is 200, rather than 180.
    • Players can rebirth at any time after level 50, granting them more stats and Type level caps in exchange for returning to character level 1. There is a limit to the extra stats and levels.
  • Types have been streamlined to 4 core Types: Hunter, Ranger, Force, and Vanguard, one for each combat style, and one hybrid Type.
    • Types earn abilities, which are similar to Universe's GUARDIANS advanced style system. Each Type learns different abilities, and almost all can be shared between Types.
    • Extend Type allows all Types to use any weapon type, with each Type finding it easier to equip certain weapon types.
    • The type level cap is 50, rather than 20.
  • PP is now a character stat, rather than a weapon stat. PP passively restores much more rapidly than Universe's passive restoration.
  • Race stats have been rebalanced, with humans now possessing the highest DEF and MND stats. Most other stats are similar to Universe.
  • Humans and newmans get access to their own blasts, called mirage blasts. There are 6, one for each attribute.
  • SUV-weapons have been rebalanced to be less game breaking.
  • Beasts have access to two new nanoblasts, which have the same combat animations for male and female. Nanoblasts are also invulnerable.
  • A fifth race, deuman, has been added, which has the second highest in ATK, ACC, and TEC, but the lowest in all other stats, and their own infinity blasts.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Weapons have level requirements instead of stat requirements, so certain races do not have advantages or disadvantages in equipping weapons earlier or later.
  • Weapon upgrading has been streamlined, with no failure and upgrading to (10) only requiring meseta.
  • Photon arts have been majorly rebalanced. Many hit less locks and have much less range than in Universe.
  • Photon arts drop as discs with a level attached, they cannot be levelled through usage. Level cap is 30.
  • Ranged weapon types have access to 2 different charge shots each, giving them attacks more similar to skills.
  • Ranged and Technic weapon types now drop with attributes the same way as melee weapons. Ranged weapon photon arts modify stats other than attribute.

Combat[edit | edit source]

  • A chain system has been added, where players are rewarded for attacking creatures with square attacks first before using triangle attacks (i.e. photon arts and charge shots)
  • A dodge roll maneuver that grants the player invulnerability frames has been added, for a cost of 50 PP per use.
  • All two-handed weapons and a new left-hand weapon type, shields, are able to block with R, reducing damage by 80-100% for a PP cost.
    • If timed correctly, a block will become a perfect block, negating all damage and costing no PP. Shields will also perform a counter-attack.
  • Creatures have been balanced around the new mechanics.
    • Creature HP values are balanced around good use of the chain system.
    • Creature offensive stats are high that most attacks will cause serious damage to the player, requiring use of defensive tactics.
    • Many new creatures, such as Svaltia, Tavalus, and Orga Dyran, have movesets which require the usage of blocking or rolling to avoid damage.
    • Regular creatures no longer have multiple locks, with the exception of Drua Gohra and Zasharogan, which have 2.
  • Ranged attack damage is based primarily off the ACC stat, rather than ATK, following the formula of
  • Longbows and cards are based off the TEC and ACC stats, rather than ATK, following the formula of
    • Furthermore, only Force has access to LV30 bullets for longbows and cards, Ranger is capped to LV15.

I just made my first character - what now?[edit | edit source]

Story missions[edit | edit source]

The game is designed for players to originally play the story mode alone before jumping into multiplayer with other players, so the very first thing to do is start working on that. The story missions will teach you all the game mechanics as you progress through them, and give you a good starting point once you finish them all.

You will want to finish both episodes to unlock as much content as possible.

Chain system[edit | edit source]

This gif will be changed to something more obvious. attack followed by attack

When using multiple square attacks on a creature, you may notice a chain counter appear on the creature. This chain will increase the power of all triangle attacks, such as photon arts and charge shots. Just a chain of 2 will double the strength of any triangle attack, so it is very important to use chains to their full advantage, as creatures' stats are balanced around the strength of chain.

When a attack is used on a chain, it will flash indicating that it has been "broken", and there is a limited time to use as many attacks until it disappears. The higher the chain, which is higher by hitting the creature with lots of attacks, the more damage increase there is, and also the chain will last longer after being broken, allowing you to use more and more triangle attacks with increased damage.

Chain is especially important to know before playing multiplayer, as chains are shared amongst the party, and it is considered very bad etiquette to break chains at low numbers, as this just makes missions take longer and become much harder for everyone.

Levelling up[edit | edit source]

Firstly: If you have not cleared the normal story missions yet, go back and do those. They will give you decent levels for both character and Type, and unlock more content for you to play.

After clearing all the story missions, it is recommended to play The Magashi Plan and Gurhal Heroes in story mode. It is not advisable to try and play multiplayer to level up quickly, as all the good missions for levelling in multiplayer require you to be level 100+, as the creatures are high level and there is an experience penalty if the creatures are 51 or more levels above you.

The Magashi Plan is ideal as it is always relevant for levelling. To unlock it:

  1. Clear Chapter 8 - Act 2 story mission in episode 1.
  2. Clear Crimson Warrior side story in episode 1. It is a side story under tactical missions in Clad 6.
  3. Clear Bladed Legacy open mission in Clad 6.

The Magashi Plan will now be available under tactical missions in Clad 6. This mission requires you to spend 5 of each spellstone that you have been collecting while playing other content. This mission features double experience and 25% creature HP, and a lot of creatures, so levelling is a breeze in this mission. As creatures are always +10 to your level, they will always give good experience for your level.

Gurhal Heroes is good for Type levelling as well.

The first rebirth[edit | edit source]

Rebirth is a system that can make your character very strong. The best method to rebirth is to rebirth at level 109, then at level 200 five times after that. Your first rebirth will grant you an extra 4 ability slots permanently, so it is advisable to do an early rebirth.

After you have rebirthed, you will need to go back to levelling - this is best done in The Magashi Plan. You will want to use weapons from the weapon shop as your favourite class - it may be slightly tough at first, but the reduced creature HP should make it a breeze, and finishing just one run from level 1 will make you at least level 40 again!

After this, you will want to make your way to at least level 100 to get access to S-rank difficulty, so you can start hunting for useful weapons, shield-weaves, and modules.

Stuff to add[edit | edit source]

  • Players can change keyboard layout to a non-phone keyboard by going to options -> keyboard layout -> simple
  • NPCs will stop breaking chains by setting them to follow in Quick Orders
  • Final boss of Episode 2 can change elevation by using a command in Quick Orders