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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity added the new feature to invite the player's other characters into the player's party. Which, of course, ends up being a horrifically broken feature, and here's a guide for how exactly to break it in!

Support Characters Overview[edit | edit source]

"Why are we bothering with this", you ask? Well, simple!

Support characters are greatly useful at just about any stage of the game. With customizable palettes and type abilities, they are much more effective than Partner Characters, and can be built to fit multiple combat roles, the most effective being Chain-building and Damage dealing. Even at a low level without a lot of investment, Support characters can still provide a lot of chains and various utility. A well-invested support character adds chains much more effectively, is effectively untouchable by enemies, and deals great damage to boot. Since they keep their levels, they can help a new character or a freshly rebirthed character easily coast through difficult missions for free EXP.

Support Characters Concerns[edit | edit source]

There are a number of things that can massively impact the performance of an AI party member:

1. Durability[edit | edit source]

Now, the problem with durability isn't that AI party members can't survive. AI party members takes like 10 seconds to revive with full HP, so whether they are good at surviving doesn't really matter all that much. The problem is that, when AI dips below a specific threshold of HP (usually 40%), they will stand still, swap to their healing weapon (usually a wand for Partner Characters, and keep casting Resta until their HP goes above a specific threshold (usually around 60%). This causes a multitude of issues:

  • They stand still the moment they decide they want to heal, often times right in front of the enemies. This usually results in the AI party members being locked into a loop of Resta-getting hit-Resta-getting hit, until they eventually die, if the enemy's damage outpaces their healing. This happens especially often during boss fights, and especially one with massive hitboxes or one in a small room.
  • A lot of partner characters heal for a miniscule amount, since a lot of them heal off low-rank Wands and aren't Forces. Once again, they will heal from below 40% until they hit a specific threshold. Since they don't heal for much, it would take them multiple casts, which can span dozens of seconds for them to start attacking again. The fact that they have four to five times normal HP does not help. By the way, for the duration of this entire Resta period, they will stand still in the same spot, and prone to any attacks, especially the same looping problem as mentioned before.
  • AIs are also prone to immediately swapping to Anti in order to remove any Status Effects inflicted to them or the player. This includes aliments that are completely inconsequential to them, such as Burn, Poison, Zalure, and to an extent, Jellen. This will cost several seconds for them to swap into the weapon, cast, swap back to their original weapon.

We need to improve the durability of a partner character not because we worry about them dying, rather, we want them to spend as little time casting Resta as possible, in order to maximize their attacking time.

Note that we can't avoid this by not giving them access to Resta. In Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, all AI party members, regardless of what type they are, will bring out a Wand (not the weapon category, the 1* GRM wand) to cast Resta, if they don't have access to one normally. They will bring one out even if their palette was empty, or if their palette was already full. In other words, giving them access to basically any TECHNIC weapon with Resta is better than not, and we need to bring the highest-healing TECHNIC weapon to minimize Resta time.

It is, however, possible to not give them access to Anti. While they will not spend time using Anti for inconsequential statuses anymore, they also can't restore the player or other members of the party out of other potentially problematic Status Effects, such as Stun or Confuse.

2. Various Lags[edit | edit source]

The AI is slow at various places:

  • When the AIs encounter enemies, it takes them a few seconds to register the enemies exist, and actually run over.
  • AIs will stand in place for a second or two when swapping weapons.
  • When AIs are using a weapon that can Guard, they will hold Guard for multiple seconds at random intervals.
  • If the player was a bit far away from the AI while running, the AI will enter a behaviour, where they will run up to the player first before doing anything else. This can result in them running right past enemies, or run ineffectively into a wall, or run into a fence despite having a Ranged weapon and there being an enemy on the other side.
  • Even when AIs are using weapons with adequate range (such as a Ranged weapon or Slicers), sometimes they will still need to run up to enemies before firing.
  • AIs does not fire off Ranged weapons as fast or as often as they probably could.
  • While AIs are generally decent with triple-casting projectile-based TECHNICs, sometimes they have issues with other TECHNICs. This results in behaviours such as spamming Zalure (to no extra effect), or using Sazonde once and then standing still until it expires.

Of course, we want the AI to have as little time standing around as possible. This may involve utilizing R-Mags, and equipping them with as little gear as possible.

3. Targeting[edit | edit source]

Generally, an AI party member would focus on a single enemy at a time, and they won't attempt to line up enemies for either piercing or multi-targets. This makes their multi-lock weapons much less effective, especially ones that are sub-par against single targets, such as Whips or Grenade Launchers. The same issue applies to Photon Arts and Charge Shots as well.

4. Chain Breaking[edit | edit source]

The most notorious parts of an AI partner, they are prone to using Photon Arts or Charge Shots at seemingly random intervals. AI chain-breaking is very unoptimal for a variety of reasons:

  • AIs inherently have a damage reduction of 75%.
  • Chainbreaking is poor if the weapons utilized is not great, which is very common on Partner Characters. Special shoutout to Ursula who uses Machine Guns to break while being a Newman Force, and Nagisa who uses Sabarta to break while being a Deuman Hunter.
  • AIs don't really have the sense to keep chain up or to hold onto a long chain, which is a significant issue for bosses and more difficult enemies. This is also especially an issue for Rangers, as Charge Shots takes a bit of time to charge, and the chain may expire before the charge shot lands.

For small mobs that would die within 1 or 2 chain breaks anyway, this behaviour from the AI is not really an issue. For Boss Creatures and problematic large enemies, this could easily ruin entire setups.

Using Follow Shift from Quick Order can prevent the partners from breaking chains altogether, which can be used to prevent this problem. However, AIs also attacks significantly less while in Follow Shift; meaning that, in order to reap maximum potential from an AI, using just Follow Shift is not enough. Instead, we can restrict their palette: by not providing the AI with any ability to break chains, we can prevent them from breaking chains while keeping up the attack rate.

5. Lack of ability to chain[edit | edit source]

To put simply, there aren't a whole lot of weapons in the game that can accumlate chains very quickly. Especially for AIs, to whom applying both Deband and Shifta at the same time is a foreign concept. We need to set one up especially for it to chain well, instead of having it flail around ineffectively.

General Goodies[edit | edit source]

Partnership (Vanguard Lv6)[edit | edit source]

Slots onto the player character, and significantly increases the damage of AI party members. Really helpful for all the reasons you would think.

It's recommended to make some room for it most of the time (1 slot is fairly easy to spare). It's ultimately unnecessary for chain-only builds, though.

Friendly Defense (All Types Lv8)[edit | edit source]

Slots onto the player character, significantly increases the defense of AI party members. The damage reduction is massive, and stacks with Damage Resist and Photon Barrier for even more insanity. However, 2 slots can be a tight fit on some player builds, and defense is not really necessary in most areas. Run if you've got space, not a big loss if you don't.

HP Restore Rate (Vanguard Lv3)[edit | edit source]

Slots onto the support character, restores 10% of HP every 10 seconds. Since player's other characters have 4 times normal HP, which stacks with HP increment abilities and rebirth bonuses, and that level is kept, HP restore rate can get to some very ridiculous rates. How much HP they get back is just a portion of its usefulness, however. Where HP restore rate really shines for AIs, is that, since it passively recovers HP in-between waves, and heals by percentage, it massively reduces the amount of time that AIs spends on Resta spamming, making it one of the biggest factors that puts player-made characters over Partner Characters, even one that is comparatively significantly less leveled.

Combined with the fact that this ability is very easy to get (Vanguard Lv3), this should be the first thing to shoot for when building a support character.

Photon Barrier (Force Lv7)[edit | edit source]

Slots onto the support character, and negates all damage taken that is below 3% of max HP. You may recall that other characters have 4 times normal HP, which means it's 4 times more effective than when the player uses it. It allows ignoring damage from traps and obstacles, attack from small mobs, and specific enemy attacks (such as Orga Angelus's poison pool attack). Reducing damage to 0 also negates the flinch that comes with getting hit, which allows them to spend more time attacking.

Not really necessary when equipped with HP Restore Rate, since HP Restore Rate also helps ignoring chip damage, but HP Restore Rate doesn't prevent flinching, so having both is worthwhile. They compliment each other well, too.

Damage Resist (Vanguard Lv2)[edit | edit source]

Slots onto the support character, and reduces damage taken by 10%. The reduction isn't much, but it stacks with Photon Barrier and Friendly Defense, and indirectly improves the effectiveness of HP Restore Rate.

Not really necessary, but it compliments Photon Barrier and Friendly Defense.

Wild Blast (All Types Lv5)[edit | edit source]

Slots onto the support character, and hastens the charge rate of Blast Gauge. Especially useful on a support character that wishes to use Blasts often, such as Beasts or Deumans with their transformation blasts that can deal massive damage. The AI is not half bad with Blasts, either.

While useful, 3 Slots can be tight fit for some setups, especially a Force outfitted with Technic Hi-Speeds and such.

Various Resists[edit | edit source]

Stun, Sleep, Shock, and Freeze are as much a pain for AIs as they are for players.

It may also be a good idea to protect against Poison, Burn, or Zalure. While these statuses don't really do anything against AIs, it stops the AI from obsessively scrambling to Anti at the thinniest paper cut, if you allowed them to bring Anti.

Potential Builds[edit | edit source]

Budget Builds[edit | edit source]

Somebody has carried me through Gurhal Heroes exactly twice, and I'm now at Type Level 6, Level 50-ish, no rebirths, and not a whole lot of gear. What to do?

Baseline (Abilities + Resta)

This should be considered for every character, regardless of build.

Weapon Photon Arts
Rod Zalure, Resta (Lv10+), Deband, Shifta

Abilities: HP Restore Rate, Damage Resist / Wild Blast, HP Boost

It only takes Vanguard Lv3 to get HP Restore Rate. You can also put on Damage Resist (Vanguard Lv2), or HP Boost (Initial). Reaching Vanguard Lv5 also unlocks a fifth slot, which allows fitting all three of these abilities.

You can also replace Damage Resist and HP boost with Wild Blast (any Type Lv5), dependent on how often you want the character to use Blast.

Since we cannot avoid the party members bringing Resta, we might as well get them the best Rods we can to maximize the heal amount (Wands and Tech-Mags have a much lower TEC score so they are worse).

Easily accessible cheap Rods includes:

  • Shijima Akatsuki (Lv1), DLC rod, has empower healing, a stupidly over-the-top amount of TEC.
  • Clarita Visas I (Lv1), a password item, has empower healing, and accessible from Lv1. Is also very cheap to Upgrade using meseta for a huge TEC boost.
  • Clarita Visas II (Lv15), received for free from Emilia, with a good TEC score and empower healing.
  • Clad Bastone (Lv20), a DLC rod, has empower healing, and a respectable TEC score.
  • Clarita Visas III (Lv40), received for free from Emilia, with a good TEC score and empower healing.

Also shout out to the Dengeki Master: its Resta heals for at least 650, regardless of TEC score and Resta Level, which is a very sizable heal early game, even for AIs with 4 times normal HP. However, its requirement of running Infinity Grand Prix multiple times through is a bit of a big ask for newer players.

While we are at it, we can bring some utility TECHNICs as well, such as Shifta, Deband, and Zalure. All of these TECHNICs are easily accessible from Secret Society, and can be passed between characters via the Shared Storage. Although Vanguard cannot use them at tier 3, it's still convenient to let the AI use them for you.

Chain Build 1 (Twin Daggers)
Weapon Photon Arts
Twin Daggers N/A
Rod Zalure, Resta (Lv10+), Deband, Shifta

If you don't have any Photon Arts linked, you can't break any chains!

Twin Daggers are the fastest chaining striking weapon in the game as well, and even faster in the hands of an AI, since they don't have hitlag. However, the AI may hold guard on twin daggers. Picking Melee Shift from Quick Orders can help reduce the amount of time they choose to Guard.

Easily accessible cheap Twin Daggers:

  • Twin Kunai (Lv20), a DLC twin daggers with pretty good ATK and absurdly high ACC, allowing it to deal damage to enemies far above its level.
  • Play Blu Edge (Lv20), a password twin daggers with pretty good ATK and ACC.
Chain Build 2 (R-Mag + Dagger)
Weapon Photon Arts
R-Mag + Dagger N/A
Rod Zalure, Resta (Lv10+), Deband, Shifta

R-Mags attacks automatically without the input from the user. Which means that it bypasses the AI's various issues: lag to actually recognize enemies, time spent running up to things, and they can't Guard while equipped with one. Some good R-Mags can also provide a large number of chains.

Easily accessible decent R-Mags:

GRM lines, such as Yactdike and Galdike: Buyable from shop, provides 2~3 successive shots on fire, averages to 1 shot per second. Good for chain building, but they fall off fairly quickly due to low-rank R-Mags not having a lot of ACC.

Easily accessible decent Daggers:

Kunai (Lv20): a DLC dagger. Similar to its twin dagger counterpart, it has good ATK and absurdly high ACC, and good for use for a good long while.

Chain Build 2 Variation (R-Mag + Claw)
Weapon Photon Arts
R-Mags + Ga-Misaki (Claw) N/A
Rod Zalure, Resta (Lv10+), Deband, Shifta

Ga-Misaki and Ga-senba makes a set bonus, that provides 140 ATK and 60 ACC, on top of the 40ATK from Claws' category bonus, and the category bonus from R-Mags. This bonus is quite hefty and can help a lot with damage, and the ACC boost also works nicely with improving R-Mag damage and allows the character to hit enemies across a higher Level gap.

Since the damage provided can be quite good, feel free to equip Ga-Misaki with a Claw Photon Art of your choice for them to provide chain break damage.

Chain Build 3 (R-Mag + Wand)
Weapon Photon Arts
R-Mags + Wands Sazonde / Sabarta / Nagrants (Square), Jellen / Zalure / Resta (Triangle)

Turns out some TECHNICs are super OP for chaining. Thanks SEGA!

Here's some differences between the TECHNICs of choice:


Sazonde: deals 5 hits per cast. Launches the enemies hit, and thus provides the player a lot of safety. However, an enemy being launched can cause hitbox to not connect with the enemies, ridding the player of chains and potentially significant damage. This issue applies for most Striking Weapons, some Ranged weapons, and not at all TECHNICs. Therefore, avoid Sazonde if playing on Hunter, or to an extent, Ranger and Vanguard. Also, the AI isn't keen on triple-casting Sazonde, so its effectiveness isn't as significant as they are on the player. Furthermore, if the player brought three Sazonde casters, multiple Sazondes can cause Animation Cancel, which would render many TECHNICs and attacks completely useless. Avoid capping out on Sazonde AIs as Force.

Sabarta: deals 5 hits per cast. Only flinches the enemies hit, instead of launching them. More helpful for Hunter, but less useful for Force and to an extent, Vanguard. The damage from Sabarta is lower than Sazonde, so it falls off earlier compared to Sazonde. Also, the AI isn't keen on triple-casting Sabarta, so its effectiveness isn't as significant as they are on the player.

Nagrants: deals 3 hits per cast. Also pierces, which makes it quite good against large mobs, and the AI is much more keen on triple-casting Nagrants than the other two. Has a much longer cast time, however.


Jellen: Reduces attack of all enemies in range. The attack reduction is somewhere around 5% to 7% if Jellen is below Lv21, which is pretty pitiful, but can still be helpful if you are really concerned for your safety. You can also bring a character with Jellen in combination with a character with Zalure to easily hit both effects. (Besides, it's not like two Zalures stack with each other, so dodging diminishing returns is not a bad idea).

Zalure: Reduces defense and evasion of all enemies in range. The reduction starts from 21%, which is quite massive, and a great help towards player's damage. It's also quintessential when fighting enemies above player level, since it reduces evasion and allows attacks to connect easier.

Resta: Saves the character from bringing Rods, and thus saves the character from spending time swapping weapons, providing more time for attacking and chaining. However, no access to Shifta / Deband / Zalure / Jellen means more work from other characters and the player. Also note that since Wands heals for less than Rods, which can result in longer HP recovery period. Can be remedied via HP Restore Rate and other suggested defensive abilities, but may require more investment than otherwise.

Cheap easy Wands:

Lapis Lazuli's Ordeal (Lv20): a DLC wand with a great TEC score, and empowers Light for more damage on Nagrants.

School Bag (Lv20): a DLC wand with a pretty good TEC score. Has a lower TEC than Lapis Lazuli's Ordeal, but empowers healing, if you want to equip it with Resta.

Magic Focus (Lv50): Obtained via the title Super Hero. Empowers Lightning for Sazonde, and comes with a good lightning %. Also looks quite nice.

Full Power Builds[edit | edit source]

Wow, somebody actually decided to get their bot character to Level 200, fully rebirthed, and Type Level 50 everywhere? In that case, you've come to the right place!

Races & Types[edit | edit source]

Before builds, let's talk about the benefits from different Races.

Newman: Highest TEC score, thus highest damage from TECHNICs and Mirage Blasts. The Mirage Blast Canna adds 12 to 13 chains to all enemies in the room when used, is vastly useful for chaining purposes and for cleaning out rooms with Blast Rechargers.

Human: Highest DEF scores (which doesn't mean much). Has access to Mirage Blast Canna like newmans, but also has access to Kun'ne, which provides a general attack speed boost. It helps immensely with melee chaining, but doesn't help much with TECHNIC chaining.

Cast: Has the lowest TEC score, thus lowest damage from TECHNICs. Has access to a few notable SUV Weapons: Exusia Fluge: heals full room, revives anybody dead (potentially includes the player), and is the only source of Tier 5 buffs in the game; Eternal Cataract: deals 6 hits to all enemies in the room, and almost always freezes all of them; Rafal Burst: deals 10 hits to all enemies in front of character for respectable damage.

Beast: Has the highest HP, thus gets the highest effects out of the type abilities previously mentioned. ACC issues are negated since TECHNICs does not check for accuracy. Nanoblast doesn't chain well, but can do a shitton of damage (Nanoblast damage is lower while on Force, though). This allows for using Blast Charge to hold nanoblast, and throw them at difficult enemies or bosses via Blast Release. Nanoblast is invinicible too, so they just thrash and trash with reckless abandon. Note that specific Nanoblasts may enter Berserk, which will damage the player once used.

Deumans: Has the second highest TEC. Having the lowest defensive capabilities does make them a bit more painful compared to other races, but the combination of various defensive type abilities and 4 times normal HP is so strong that they aren't much worse in that aspect. Infinite Blast does a stupid amount of damage, especially on Hunter or Force. Unlike Nanoblasts, though, Deumans during Blast are prone to flinching, which may lower their damage output on particular bosses who likes doing a lot of attacks or step on things.

Baseline (Abilities + Resta)
Weapon Photon Arts Abilities
Rod Zalure, Resta, Deband, Shifta HP Restore Rate, Photon Barrier, Damage Resist (6 Slots)

The Rods set up hasn't changed, but the Rods itself has:

Caduceus (Lv90): Traded for from Secret Society after clearing Episode 1 Hard Mode, the Caduceus is the highest level Rod with inherent Empower Healing, and the Rod with the highest Empower Healing multiplier.

Divine Amaterasu (Lv160): Can be extended for Empower Healing, and becomes the Best Healing Rod once done so.

Also, absolutely consider using Wild Blast for Blasts you may want to happen more frequently. (Especially things like Exusia Fluge.)

Chain Build (R-Mag + Wand)
Weapon Photon Arts Abilities
R-Mag + Wand Sazonde / Sabarta / Nagrants (Square), Jellen / Zalure / Resta (Triangle) Lightning/Ice/Light Hi-Speed, Technic Hi-speed +, Lightning/Ice/Light Advance

Force Lv50 with Lv30 TECHNICs, of course.

How to pick TECHNICs:

Same as above (Chain Build 3 (R-Mag + Wand)).

Notable R-Mags:

Elenor (Lv150): 3 shots per 2.5 seconds and Piercing gives Elenor the best chain rates out of all R-mags, and especially useful on groups of mobs. Drain healing is negligible.

Clad 6 Shag (Lv160): 3 shots per 2.5 seconds just like Elenor, but trades Piercing for more damage. Significantly worse than groups, but better on single targets. Also has Stun.

Eye of Rykros (Lv150): 2 shots per 2 seconds is a worse rate than the other two, but it has Incap. The Incap rate is incredibly low, though.

Opa Opa (Lv80): 3 shots per 2.2 seconds is a faster rate than the others, but a low level means an Extend is required for the R-Mag to keep up with higher leveled enemies. Also the highest level R-Mag to have access to Zalure special effect (If Ice), and the Taunt special effect (If Ground), which can provide additional utility depending on build. For example, if the player decides to remove Zalure for Resta to avoid using Rods. Note that Zalure applied this way is worse than Zalure applied from the TECHNIC.

Dark Falz Dust (Lv160): 1 shot per 1 seconds is a worse rate than the others, but it deals the highest damage out of all R-Mags. Reflect damage is negligible.

Notable Wands:

Divine Uzume (Lv160): Highest damage-dealing Wand, between its 2nd highest TEC score (only 4 points behind the highest) and 120% Photon Arts damage. While it starts with Empower Fire, it can be extended to Empower Lightning or Light, which covers Sazonde and Nagrants. It also has a set bonus with Kamui-senba, which provides +50 to all stats (+2 to STA).

Divine Tsukuyomi (Lv160): Wand with the highest TEC score. Also has inherent Empower Light for Nagrants. Can also be extended for Empower Ice to cover Sabarta.

Motav Prophecy (Lv110): 2nd or 3rd highest damage-dealing Wand, with a high TEC score, 120% Photon Arts damage, and has inherent Empower Ice, for Sabarta.

How to pick abilities:

Pick Hi-speeds and Advances according to the offensive TECHNIC of choice.

Technic Hi-speed + is slower than regular hi-speed, in exchange for covering more TECHNICs. It's a consideration for Forces normally, but not worthwhile for bots as they usually do not bring more than three schools of TECHNICs. Feel free to bring Assist Hi-Speed or Follow Hi-Speed to hasten Buffs or Resta respectively.

Wand Strike, R-Mag Advance, R-Mag Strike: R-Mag damage is fairly poor as is anyway, so improving its damage is not really worthwhile. Improving damage on the Wand can be good, but Wand Strike does not provide significant enough benefits.

Elemental Hit: Improves the proc rate of special effects. Always a consideration when it comes to builds. However, neither Nagrants nor Sabarta applies any special effects, and Sazonde's Shock applies shockingly little (and is pretty redundant anyway, given what the TECHNIC itself does). Generally useless for these builds.

Various HP Boosts: Recall that these are 4 times as effective, and they stack with each other! Not necessarily better than Resists dependent on Area.

Janky Status effects Builds[edit | edit source]

Frost Shot
Weapon Photon Arts Abilities
Frost Shot Long-Range Shoot Elemental Hit, Freeze Resist, Rifle Advance, Full Charge Shot

Frost Shot provides a 50% chance to inflict Freeze, which is improved to 70% by the power of Elemental Hit. Freeze not only stops the enemy from moving, but also cancels their current action, which can quite helpful if the player is a Hunter or Vanguard in close-range situations. Note the Freeze Resist: this is used to bypass the Frost Shot's side effect. The Freeze Resist module does not work, as Partner Characters do not retain non-blast module effects.

The actual effectiveness of this setup is middling. Even at 70%, it has troubles freezing bigger or boosted enemies, and the fact that AI does not have the highest fire rate does not help either. Freeze Lv1 only last for a few seconds, and breaks upon 3 hits, so its value is not so much stunning the enemy for openings, but in providing small windows for the player to use Consumables or heal up. It's pretty funny to see huge ice blocks, though. And it can be really funny with a full team of Frost Shot users. Freeze Strike is also difficult to utilize, since it only applies to a maximum of 3 hits before the Freeze expires.

Don't forget to use Follow Shift to prevent Charge Shots during mobs, since Charge Shots do not inflict status effects.

Charm Strike
Weapon Photon Arts Abilities
Poron Poron Long-Range Shoot Elemental Hit, Longbow Advance, Charm Strike, Full Charge Shot

Poron Poron provides a 60% chance to inflict Charm, which is improved to 84% by the power of Elemental Hit. Charm forces the inflicted mobs to attack the AI, which can be helpful at times, especially if the player is weak defensively. Charm Strike increases damage dealt to Charmed enemies by 30%, which is a MASSIVE boost. The player can equip Charm Strike to reap the benefits as well.

Similar to the above build, the effectiveness is middling, since even at 84%, it has troubles charming bigger or boosted enemies. The AI not having a high fire rate does not help either. Once inflicted, however, Charm Lv4 lasts for a fair amount of time (16 seconds), and can provide a big damage boost with Charm Strike.

Don't forget to use Follow Shift to prevent Charge Shots during mobs, since Charge Shots do not inflict status effects.

It may also be worthwhile to extend the Poron Poron, and change its special effect from Charm to Sleep. Applying Sleep at 60% or 84% rate can potentially be very useful, and argubly even better than Charm.

Charm Strike 2
Weapon Photon Arts Abilities
Zooming Scissor N/A Elemental Hit, Spear Advance, Charm Strike

Alternative Charm Build #1. Zooming Scissor has Charm Lv3 and a very high charm rate (50%, 70% with Elemental Hit). While it has a lower rate and effect level than the Poron Poron, it's still a very respectable rate, and Spears are a far better weapon in the hands of an AI compared to Longbows. If you are more dedicated to inflicting Charm, it may be worth equipping a Photon Arts to maximize your chances, since Photon Arts apply Status effects and deals multiple hits.

Ultimately Spears are not amazing for chaining, though.

It may also be worthwhile to extend the Zooming Scissor, and change its special effect from Charm to Sleep. Applying Sleep at 50% or 70% rate can potentially be very useful, and argubly even better than Charm.

Charm Strike 3
Weapon Photon Arts Abilities
Opa Opa (Ground) + Innocent Mari / Amore Rose N/A Elemental Hit, Saber/Whip Advance, Charm Strike

Alternative Charm build #2. Performs a bit better compared to the other three builds, as Opa Opa + right-hand is a decent chaining tool as is. However, the rates are lower, so it's less likely for Charm to occur.

The Amore Rose has a 30% Charm rate, and has multi-lock to hit more enemies with. However, since it starts at A-rank, it requires an Extend to be viable at higher levels. As a Whip, it provides category bonus of TEC, which somewhat improves the damage from the Opa Opa. Both damage and chaining speed from the whip itself is quite poor, though.

The Innocent Mari is the better weapon, with higher stats, and provides +100 ATK if the user is a different gender from another member in the party. As a Saber, it also swings faster than a Whip does. However, both its Charm Level (Lv2) and Charm rate (20%) are lower, which makes it worse for Charm Dedication. Note that the Innocent Mari does not make a set with the Loveheart Line, even though the Bloody Mari does.

Burn Strike
Weapon Photon Arts Abilities
R-Mags + Gigadrill N/A Elemental Hit, Claw Strike, Burn Strike

Gigadrill has a 50% chance to inflict Burn! Burn adds additionally passive damage, which can be quite good for large enemies with a big HP pool.

The reason I didn't specify any R-Mags is because there isn't great R-Mags that have access to Burn. Landale Shag is actually quite decent, but its value lies in free launching for free hits rather than its Burn aliment or its chain speed. Or you can extend one of the A-rank GRM R-Mags with Fire element, which is not really great, soooooooo yeah.

Just equip whatever is generally more effective instead.

Weapon Photon Arts Abilities
Magana Slayer N/A Elemental Hit, Sword Strike

Magana Slayer's got 20% Incap rate, the highest Incap rate in the game! Isn't that awesome!

Since Incap doesn't have provide any indicator for when it procs or not, I have no idea whether it's actually affected by Elemental Hit or how often it procs.

But since Magana Slayer is A-rank, an Extend is required to make it catch up to later ranks.

Damage Build[edit | edit source]

Axe (with Anga Grudda) go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Friend Characters[edit | edit source]

Ideally, the bots we use should come from the Friend Characters, as they use the far bigger Friend Character slots instead of the player's own saveslots, and it allows the player to not put in any effort.

Friend Characters have various differences compared to player's Other Characters:

  • Friend Characters does not consume the player's savefile slots.
  • Friend Characters also does not require any work from the player themselves.
  • Friend Characters auto-levels to the player's level, which provides a lot of effects dependent on the level of that Friend Character:
    • If the Friend Character has a lower level, they would be caught up in levels, and would perform a lot better than the player's Other Characters of similarly low levels.
      • However, since equipment does not auto-upgrade, a Friend Character without good gear will eventually fall off as their equipment cannot keep up with the enemies, despite their increased level.
      • On the flip side, a Friend Character that does have sufficiently good gear will be able to keep up with even a higher level player character. For example, if a Lv150 Friend Character (who can equip the vast majority of weapons in the game) parties with a Lv200 Player Character. This also means that, unlike player's Other Character, a Friend Character does not have to level as high to perform well in top-end level parties.
    • If the Friend Character has a higher level than the player character, their level will be scaled down, meaning they cannot carry the player nearly as easily as an Other Character that can. This is especially significant in situations with a high level gap, such as utilizing a freshly Rebirthed character.
      • Their equipment will scale down as well. This heavily affects builds that requires specific weapons, such as any build involving high-level R-Mags (their lower-level versions are significantly less useful), and any weapons that relies on its inherent properties, special effects, or set bonuses. TECHNIC weapons are less affected, however, since their usefulness is more from the TECHNICs equipped rather than the properties of the weapon.
      • For Humans, Newmans, and Casts, it's possible for their Shield-weaves to scale down, which will lose them their access to Blasts. In other words, for these three races, if their Shield-weaves levels is high, their Blast cannot be accessed until the player hits that level. In some extreme cases, this level can be absurdly high (a Lv175 Infinite Armor, for example), which severly hampens that character's usability. This also affects Beasts to a small extent: Blast Badges whose level requirement is higher than the player's cannot be accessed. Although, Blast Badges cap at Lv50, so they are guaranteed to have it once the player hits Lv50. Deumans are not affected at all as their Blast can be used past Lv10 with no other requirements.
  • Since a Friend Character has 5 times normal HP instead of 4 like an Other Character, they will be better than an Other Character of the equivalent level and set-up. This means that Friend Characters are significantly more powerful in late-game where the player character is at a high level, and Other Characters do not have the advantages of Level and equipments. Although, well-setup characters are so powerful that, while the difference is noticable, Other Characters are not much worse and are perfectly viable in their own right.