Basic combat tips

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Chains[edit | edit source]

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Hitting enemies with attacks will accumulate chains on those enemies, which will be displayed under them. Photon Arts and Charge Shots (on ) to these enemies will gain MASSIVE damage bonuses, dependent on the number of chains accumulated. This is generally referred to as a Chain Break. Triangle on just 2 Chains is already 212.5% PA damage in story mode, stacking it higher allows for even more damage.

Use Photon Attacks[edit | edit source]

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on a melee weapon allows the use of the massively powerful Photon Arts.

Keeping the chain count up allows massive damage when those Photon Arts connects.

Guards & Perfect Guards[edit | edit source]

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Guard can be used on any Two-handed Weapon or Shield. Guarding massively reduces the amount of damage taken (75% with two-handed, 90% with Shields), and can be an immense help with problematic mobs or bosses. By Guarding at the same time as receiving an attack, a Perfect Guard can be triggered to completely cancel the damage. Perfect Guarding with a shield triggers Shield Arts, which damages all enemies in the surrounding area and adds to chain count.

Evade[edit | edit source]

Analog Stick + allows rolling into the inputted direction. Evading provides a long invincibility period, and massively reduces damage if used properly.

Lock-on[edit | edit source]

Pressing L (or Holding L, dependent on your settings), allows locking onto an enemy, and tracking an enemy to an extent. This allows easier targeting using Ranged Weapons, long-range TECHNICs, and Photon Arts with long movements.

Blast Attacks[edit | edit source]

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Each Race has access to a different Blast past Lv10. Blast Gauge is accumulated by dealing or receiving damage. Pressing + once Blast Gauge is full allows using the Blast. Blasts has a wide range of effects and properties, and many can easily flip the situation of the entire fight. Mirage Blasts, SUV Weapons, Nanoblasts can also be used as an evasion ability in a pinch, since they provide a long invincibility period.

TECHNICs[edit | edit source]

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TECHNICs can be used by any type via a TECHNIC weapon. TECHNICs can provide a variety of elemental attacks, supporting abilities, such as Shifta and Resta. Can work wonders on any type in any environment.

Ability Customization[edit | edit source]

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As Type Level increases, more abilities are unlocked. Type abilites provide a variety of benefits, and many can be built around for a much more different style of play.

Swap Equipments[edit | edit source]

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Holding allows opening up the palette to swap weapons, armors, and access consumables. Using Weapons of the correct element against the enemy adds a lot of damage, and using armor of the correct element against the enemy can reduce a lot of damage. Changing Weapons on the fly to suit the enemy and the combat situation is very important.

Partners[edit | edit source]

Read more: Partner Characters Partners can be added to the player party to help out in missions. They provide many benefits, from Restas, to distracting enemies, to adding more damage. On S-rank evaluations, they can also provide you with free items or PA discs.