Basic controls

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Clad 6[edit | edit source]

Button Effect
Button cross.png -
Button circle.png Interact with NPCs and items
Button square.png Action Poses
Button triangle.png -
L Reset Camera
L (Hold) Strafe
Button cross.png Cancel
Button circle.png Choose Item
Button square.png -
Up/Down Up/Down
Button square.png (Hold) + Up/Down Page Up/Page Down
Left/Right Change Category
Button triangle.png Sort

Combat[edit | edit source]

Button Effect
L Lock-on
L (Hold) Strafe
R (With two-handed weapon) Guard
R (with Shield) Guard
R (With single-handed weapons) Change Hands
Button circle.png Evade
Button cross.png (Hold) Open Action Palette
Action Palette Commands
Button cross.png (Release after Holding) Close Action Palette
Button cross.png (Release on Consumables) Use consumable item
Button cross.png (Release on Weapons) Change equipped weapon
Button cross.png (Release on Shield-weaves) Change equipped Shield-weave
Melee Weapon Commands
Button square.png Attack
Button triangle.png Photon Arts
Ranged Weapon Commands
Button square.png Shoot
Button triangle.png (Hold) Charge Shot
Button triangle.png (Release after Hold) Fire Charge Shot
Technic Weapon Commands
Button square.png Photon Arts
Button triangle.png Photon Arts

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Photon Arts (Button triangle.png), Evade (Button circle.png), and Shoot (Button square.png Ranged) consumes PP, and do not have any effect when used without enough PP.
  • Charge Shots (Button triangle.png Ranged) consumes PP, it can be held without enough PP, but will not have any effect when released until the player has enough PP.
  • Lock-on and Strafe (L) can be changed in the options to be Toggle or Hold.
  • If Rods have no Photon Arts equipped on the R side, pressing R will Guard; otherwise, it will switch usable Technics.