Infinite Armor

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Infinite Armor
Type: Shield-weave
Requirement: Level 175
Element: Any
A truly unique, all-surpassing shield weave. Its unlimited potential awaits to be unleashed by the wearer.

Infinite Armor is a 16★ shield-weave and is considered to be the very best in the game, having the highest level requirement out of any item in the game. It possesses the highest DEF and MND of all shield-weaves, as well as granting an extra 50 ATK, ACC, and TEC, along with 2 extra STA. For EVA, it is outclassed by Rabol Yupke, Dios Haura, Rabol Yiel, Rabol Feril, Rabol Cesta, and Rabol Impact.

Infinite Armor can only have a maximum of 40% attribute value, meaning that other shield-weaves can be stronger defensively with higher attribute value, however the offensive bonuses of Infinite Armor are usually preferred.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Clear reward[edit | edit source]

Mission Rank Rating Rarity Notes
Gurhal Heroes (story) 1/10 1-40% attribute
Gurhal Heroes (story) 1/10