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A player using the photon art Grand Crusher to defeat some Poltys

Photon arts are special attacks that players can link to weapons to damage creatures or support the party in all sorts of various ways, at the cost of PP. There are three distinct types of photon arts:

  • Skills: Melee photon arts which cause the user to unleash a different attack to the normal combo.
  • Bullets: Ranged photon arts which imbue regular bullets with special properties. Does not affect charge shots.
  • Technics: Technic photon arts which cause the user to cast magical spells with various different elements.

All weapons have access to photon arts, except R-Mags and shields.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Photon arts are learned through photon art discs, which are earned from a variety of sources, such as drops, trade missions and shops. Using a photon art disc will teach the user the named photon art with the level on the disc, ranging from level 1 to 30. There are no limits to the amount of photon arts that can be learned at one time, and any level of photon art can be learned regardless of Type.

Before photon arts can be used, they must be linked to an appropriate weapon, by selecting the weapon in the inventory and choosing the Link Photon Art option and choosing a learned photon art from the list.

Photon arts can be returned to disc form by navigating to the photon arts list in the main menu. This allows the player to trade their photon art disc to other characters through shared storage, or drop the disc for other players in challenge missions.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

Each photon art is split into three distinct tiers depending on the level of the photon art:

  • Tier 1: LV1-10
  • Tier 2: LV11-20
  • Tier 3: LV21-30

When a photon art levels up into a new tier, it will receive more significant bonuses compared to a singular level increase, ranging from significantly more damage, significantly less PP costs, extra combos, or extra range, among other properties.

Level cap[edit | edit source]

Depending on the Type being played, photon art levels may be decreased depending on the weapon being used. This does not affect the learned photon art level, and is a temporary decrease while using the appropriate photon art and type combo.

Type Skills Bullets Technics
Hunter 30 15 15
Ranger 15 30[1] 15
Force 15 15[2] 30
Vanguard[3] 20 20 20
  1. Longbow bullets and card bullets count as Technics, therefore their level cap is 15 on Ranger.
  2. Longbow bullets and card bullets count as Technics, therefore their level cap is 30 on Force.
  3. Vanguard can increase their level caps to 25, with the use of the ability Ignited Arts, obtainable at Vanguard LV50. This does not apply to support and healing Technics.

Photon art disc levels[edit | edit source]

Creature drops, Secret Society and partnership ratings[edit | edit source]

The level attached to a photon art disc drop depends on the level of the creature defeated, or for Secret Society and Partership ratings, the level of the player is used instead.

Level 1-9 10-29 30-49 50-74 75-99 100-124 125-149 150-174 175-250
PA levels 1-6 2-9 5-12 8-15 11-18 14-21 17-24 20-27 23-30

Weapon Shop[edit | edit source]

Photon art discs obtained from the Weapon Shop depend entirely on the level of the player. Discs from the Weapon Shop can only reach a maximum of 14.

Level 1-9 10-29 30-49 50-74 75-99 100-124 125-149 150-174 175-250
PA levels 1-6 2-7 3-8 4-9 5-10 6-11 7-12 8-13 9-14

Skills[edit | edit source]

Main article: Skills

Skills are photon arts which are linked to melee weapons, granting them various different types of attacks which vary greatly in use. Some photon arts are designed for defeating a single creature as fast as possible, while other photon arts may be designed for hitting as many creatures as possible.

Skills cannot be used to build chains, and can only break them and benefit from their damage bonuses.

Each weapon gets its own set of photon arts, except shields, which have no photon arts.

Bullets[edit | edit source]

Main article: Bullets

Bullets are photon arts which are linked to ranged weapons, granting their regular attacks various different properties. All ranged weapons have the same five set of bullets, which focus on specific modifiers:

  • Power (increases ATK)
  • Hit (increases ACC)
  • Long-Range (increases range)
  • Save (decreases PP cost)
  • Special (various effects depending on weapon)

No modifier from bullets affect charge shots, other than range modifiers.

Technics[edit | edit source]

Main article: Technics

Technics are photon arts which are linked to Technic weapons, allowing them to attack. They can be assigned to both and , with Technics assigned to building chains, whereas Technics assigned to will break chains and benefit from their damage bonuses.

Unlike melee and ranged weapons, Technics can be applied to any Technic weapon.

Technics have various properties, with many designed for damage against creatures, while others are designed to support a party, or weaken creatures. Each Technic also has an attribute element assigned to it, making each Technic only deal a specific type of elemental damage.