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Creatures, commonly referred to as enemies or monsters, are the non-player characters that mercenaries of Little Wing are tasked with fighting against. Creatures appear in almost every mission, and will aggressively attack the player and party members until either the creature or party is incapacitated.

Creatures are the primary source of character experience and drops in the game, as defeating a creature will reward the player with experience and a chance of a randomly dropped item. Depending on the creature killed and its level, different amounts of experience will be earned, as well as different items being earned from it.

Every creature has various special stats, such as having an attribute, along with special resistances such as resistance to certain attack types, or resistance to certain status effects.

Regular creatures[edit | edit source]

Evil Shark, the first creature
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Regular creatures are the various creatures that players can find roaming in a mission. They range from small to very large sizes, and will attack the player in many different ways. The tougher the creature, the more rewarding defeating it tends to be. Multiple regular creatures are usually fought at once.

Many regular creatures are also rare creatures, which are creatures which, as the name implies, only appear rarely and may not be fought regularly. These creatures are usually tougher, and reward more experience and better drops than standard regular creatures.

Boss creatures[edit | edit source]

Reol Badia, the first story boss
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Boss creatures are powerful, unique creatures that are usually fought at the end of a mission as the target of the mission. A cutscene always precedes fighting them, and they exist in unique arenas. Defeating them usually ends the mission, rewarding the party with any mission clear rewards, and up to 8 different drops from the boss.

Boss creatures tend to be the most powerful creatures in the game, and can be very tough to defeat if the party is not prepared. Unlike most regular creatures, bosses also tend to have many different locations to be hit, making area-of-effect attacks particularly effect against many bosses.

Minibosses[edit | edit source]

Shizuru, a difficult miniboss

A subset of boss creatures are miniboss creatures, which are special creatures which can be the boss target of an infinity mission. All the minibosses are humanoid creatures, and act more similarly to regular creatures than boss creatures, such as not having any sort of entrance scene and could potentially be fought anywhere.

If defeated in regular missions, minibosses drop items in the same way as regular creatures, but if defeated at the end of an infinity mission, minibosses will drop 8 items in the same way a boss creature does.