Heaven Punisher

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Heaven Punisher
Heaven Punisher.png
Type: Handgun
Manufacturer: Kubara.png
Grade: S.png
Requirement: Level 150
Special: Freeze LV2
Special Rate: 20%
Element: Any
Eff. ATK: 384
Eff. ATK (10): 396
PA%: 100 PP%: 90
Extend Data
EXT ATK: 693 (+100)
EXT ACC: 298 (+50)
EXT Eff. ATK: 471 (+75)
EXT∞ ATK: 793 (+100)
EXT∞ ACC: 348 (+50)
EXT∞ Eff. ATK: 546 (+75)
Burn.png Freeze.png Stun.png Confuse.png Sleep.png Infection.png Incapacitation.png Drain
2 2
A wondrous gun of unknown origin; its power varies depending on the time of the day.

Heaven Punisher is a 15★ handgun. It is the handgun version of the twin handguns T. Heaven Punishers.

Heaven Punisher grants an extra 75 ACC on top of its own ACC. The extra 75 ACC will apply to any right-hand weapon equipped on the same palette as Heaven Punisher, as well as the Heaven Punisher itself.

When the PSP's clock displays an even hour at mission start (00, 02, 04...), normal attacks and charge shot I become an attack known as Divine Punishment. This requirement can be bypassed using the "Twin Heaven Punisher" code from our modifications page.

Divine Punishment is an attack that originates from the sky, and can hit up to 3 locks. When used with normal attacks, it will hit once, and when used with charge shot I, it will hit two times. Divine Punishment can also attack creatures through obstacles.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Trade missions[edit | edit source]

Mission Name Attribute Price
MA ∞ Exchange Neutral.gif 30x of any MA∞ ticket
MA ∞ Exchange Fire.gifIce.gif 60% 30x Guardians Ticket
30x Hunters Ticket
MA ∞ Exchange Lightning.gifGround.gif 60% 30x Little Wing Ticket
30x Hunters Ticket
MA ∞ Exchange Light.gifDark.gif 60% 30x Guardians Ticket
30x Little Wing Ticket