Divine Homura

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Divine Homura
Divine Homura.png
Type: Handgun
Manufacturer: Kubara.png
Grade: S.png
Requirement: Level 160
Special: Burn LV3
Special Rate: 5%
Element: Any
Eff. ATK: 404
Eff. ATK (10): 416
PA%: 120 PP%: 130
Extend Data
EXT ATK: 710 (+50)
EXT ACC: 301 (+50)
EXT Eff. ATK: 479 (+63)
EXT∞ ATK: 810 (+100)
EXT∞ ACC: 351 (+50)
EXT∞ Eff. ATK: 554 (+75)
Burn.png Freeze.png Stun.png Confuse.png Sleep.png Infection.png Incapacitation.png Drain
3 3 3 3 3 3
The power of divine Yaoroz dwells within this gun.
Its unlucky victims are sent to purgatory.

Divine Homura is a 16★ handgun, and is the upgrade to Divine Mikoto. It has one of the highest ATK and ACC of all handguns. Unlike other handguns, their bullets originate from the sky instead of the barrel of the gun, allowing the weapon to hit certain creatures easier and also attack through obstacles.

Divine Homura also grants an extra 80 ACC on top of its own ACC. The extra 80 ACC will apply to any right-hand weapon equipped on the same palette as Divine Homura, as well as the Divine Homura itself.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Clear reward[edit | edit source]

Mission Rank Rating Rarity Notes
The Grand Festival Idiff.png S.png ? Sacred beast route
The Grand Festival Adiff.png S.png ? Sacred beast route