Setting up multiplayer

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<languages /> <translate> Instructions can be found below on how to connect online to other players through PPSSPP. Instructions on how to connect online on PSP and PS Vita will not be provided due to issues with cross play, and most of the community plays on PPSSPP.

Internet-Multi Mode is now defunct, as the online servers for the game were taken offline by SEGA on 2015-09-29. However, it is still possible to play online through peer-to-peer connectivity, through adhoc servers or VPNs. This means that multiplayer games must be arranged in advance, for example through the PSP2i Community Discord.

Before playing multiplayer, it is highly recommended to clear both episodes of Story Mode, as without clearing the story, you will not have access to missions or adequate shop items.


See the below individual pages for instructions on how to play multi mode: