Yasmi. 9000 Ultra

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Yasmi. 9000 Ultra
Yasmi. 9000 Ultra.png
Type: Machine Gun
Manufacturer: Kubara.png
Grade: S.png
Requirement: Level 150
Special: Pattern 1 LV2
Special Rate: 16%
Element: Any
Eff. ATK: 231
Eff. ATK (10): 236
PA%: 110 PP%: 120
Extend Data
EXT ATK: 388 (+77)
EXT ACC: 167 (+9)
EXT Eff. ATK: 264 (+28)
EXT∞ ATK: 438 (+50)
EXT∞ ACC: 217 (+50)
EXT∞ Eff. ATK: 327 (+63)
Burn.png Freeze.png Stun.png Confuse.png Sleep.png Infection.png Incapacitation.png Drain
A remake of a gun highly popular since its launch. A masterpiece attained through a mixture of design and technology.

Yasmi. 9000 Ultra is a 15★ machine gun. It is an upgraded version of Yasminkov 9000, possessing more ATK, ACC and special rate. However, it has a 10% higher PP% modifier, but this can be mitigated by using Meseta Fever.

Yasmi. 9000 Ultra has more range than other machine guns.

Special pattern[edit source]

This weapon has its base special determined by its attribute, per the table below.

Neutral.gif Fire.gif Ice.gif Lightning.gif Ground.gif Light.gif Dark.gif
- Burn Freeze Shock Confuse Sleep Poison

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Trade missions[edit | edit source]

Mission Name Attribute Price
Galatic Peddler Neutral.gif or Random 50% 30x Photon Code