Psycho Wand

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Psycho Wand
Psycho Wand.png
Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Kubara.png
Grade: S.png
Requirement: Level 130
Empower Rate: 30%
Element: Any
PA%: 110 PP%: 70
Extend Data
EXT TEC: 1113 (+236)
EXT∞ TEC: 1138 (+25)
Fire.gif Ice.gif Lightning.gif Ground.gif Light.gif Dark.gif Restaicon.png
A rod made from a completely unknown metal.
Everything about it is clad in total mystery.

Psycho Wand is a 14★ rod and is notable for being the 2nd strongest rod behind Eternal Psychodrive, due to its large amount of TEC and 30% empower rate. Psycho Wand is a staple for all types, as the 70% PP cost makes it very useful for utility Technics, such as Foverse and Sazonde.

It is part of the rare weapon registry.

Recommended hunt[edit | edit source]

Psycho Wand is most easily obtained in Max Attack ∞ IV on S or ∞ difficulty as a Force. The quest contains many Komazlis, and the 300% drop rate modifier makes the effective rate of Psycho Wand roughly around 1/95, before any further boosts such as the Rare Drop Boost ability.

To be able to play the S difficulty version of Maximum Attack ∞ IV, it is required to use a code to access online-only missions, which can be found on our modifications page.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Regular missions[edit | edit source]

Creature drops[edit | edit source]

Creature Name Level Type Rarity
Komazli 225-250 × × FO × 1/201
Komazli 175-199 × × FO × 1/286
Komazli 200-224 × × FO × 1/334
Komazli 150-174 × × FO × 1/363
Komazli 125-149 × × FO × 1/794
Komazli 225-250 HU RA × VA 1/834
Komazli 200-224 HU RA × VA 1/1390
Komazli 150-199 HU RA × VA 1/4167
Komazli 125-149 HU RA × VA 1/8334

Infinity missions[edit | edit source]

Creature drops[edit | edit source]

Creature Name Level Area Rarity
Ill Gill (Humanoid 5) 200-250 VR Ruins, VR Wilds 1/4167
Rogue - Wikko (Humanoid 5) 200-250 VR Ruins, VR Wilds 1/8334