Mini Rappy

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Mini Rappy
Mini Rappy.png
A highly cute Rappy, said to have appeared from a dimensional distortion.

Mini Rappy is a regular rare creature.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Regular missions[edit | edit source]

Values in parentheses () refer to a creature's count on a mission's rare variation, if it has a different value to regular variations.
Mission Name Mission Type Planet Cdiff.png Bdiff.png Adiff.png Sdiff.png Idiff.png Attribute Amount
White Beast Open mission Neudaiz 16 55 105 155 215 Light.gif
Rainbow Beast Open mission Neudaiz 19 60 110 160 185 Light.gif
The Holy Ground Open mission Neudaiz 24 70 120 170 220 Light.gif
The Big Push Tactical mission Neudaiz 20 70 120 180 210 Light.gif
Famitsu Max Attack (Great Wellspring) Tactical mission Clad 6 5 50 100 150 200 Light.gif