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Type: R-Mag
Requirement: Level 90
Element: Any
Eff. ATK: 1
Eff. ATK (10): 36
R-Mag Parameters
Shot No.: 0
Attack Type:
Extend Data
EXT TEC: 71 (+0)
EXT ACC: 71 (+70)
EXT Eff. ATK: 71 (+35)
EXT∞ TEC: 71 (+0)
EXT∞ ACC: 71 (+0)
EXT∞ Eff. ATK: 71 (+0)
An R-Mag sealed at the far ends of the galaxy containing the power of a god of destruction.
Empowers the user.

Hagal-Y is a 12★ support R-Mag, and is the strongest support R-Mag. It does not fire any shots at creatures, but instead grants the user 120 in all the six core stats (ATK, DEF, ACC, EVA, TEC, MND), an extra 17 STA, and an extra 22 LCK. The TEC and ACC displayed on the weapon are the parameters of the weapon itself, and the 120 TEC/ACC are applied to the user instead, which affects their right-hand weapon.

Hagal comes in 5 distinct colors, which all count as separate items: Red, blue, yellow, green, and purple.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Infinity missions[edit | edit source]

Creature drops[edit | edit source]

Creature Name Level Area Rarity
Distova (Parum 2) 200-250 VR Ruins 1/3334
Golmoro (Stateria 1) 200-250 VR Ruins 1/3334
Koltova (Parum 2) 200-250 VR Ruins 1/3334
Mizura (Parum 2) 200-250 VR Ruins 1/3334
Volfu (Parum 2) 200-250 VR Ruins 1/3334
Walmus (Parum 2) 200-250 VR Ruins 1/3334
Jaggo Rizona (Parum 2) (Rare) 200-250 VR Ruins 1/5000