Steel Hearts IV

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Steel Hearts IV
Type: Sword
Requirement: Level 110
Special: Sleep LV2
Special Rate: 14%
Element: Any
PA%: 100 PP%: 100
Extend Data
EXT ATK: 964 (+25)
EXT ACC: 267 (+25)
EXT∞ ATK: 1014 (+50)
EXT∞ ACC: 317 (+50)
2 2 2 2 2 2 2
A brightly shining blue blade that resonates with its owner.
It is said to guide its user to the right path.

Steel Hearts IV is a 13★ sword. Steel Hearts is the signature weapon of Nagisa and Steel Hearts IV is the strongest version of her sword. It possesses higher than average stats, and has one of the highest special effect rates of all swords, with access to all the standard specials other than incapacitation.

Steel Hearts IV also has the ability to hit an extra lock with all of its attacks.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Infinity missions[edit | edit source]

Boss drops[edit | edit source]

Rarity refers to the chance of getting the item per boss kill. Rare drop modifiers usually apply, but will be noted otherwise if they do not.
Creature Name Level Area Rarity
Nagisa 225-250 Any 1/25
Nagisa 200-224 Any 1/34
Nagisa 175-199 Any 1/67
Nagisa 150-174 Any 1/100

Partner rewards[edit | edit source]

See: Partner rewards
Partner Rating Req.
Nagisa 100